Morning Extra Magic Hours and operating hours extended tomorrow at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Dec 07, 2019 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Saturday December 7, 2019 12:44pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Morning Extra Magic Hours and general opening at Disney's Hollywood Studios have been extended on December 8 2019.

EMH will now take place from 6am to 8am, and are park will open to all guests at a posted time of 8am.

The park has been opening significantly earlier than posted times since the opening of Rise of the Resistance on December 5. The attraction is only available to those who join a boarding group via My Disney Experience, and it has been reaching capacity between 8am and 8:30am each day - which is before the posted park opening time.

It isn't clear yet if those who enter via EMH will be able to join a boarding group at 6am, or if they will have to wait until general opening at 8am. Disney has said that Rise of the Resistance will not be operating during EMH.

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AL2000HS23 minutes ago

The problem with that as another poster said. If they added another row the design of the ride wouldn't be as intimate. The whole entire ride would have needed to be much much bigger. Everything from the preshows all the way up to the show scenes.

AL2000HS29 minutes ago

Popularity definitely. I still think they saw the madness of FoP and were like nope. We have to do something to alleviate the crowding.

AL2000HS31 minutes ago

I don't know about FL I know in CA it can hold 60 min tops. Not including extended lines. And it's possible for up towards 10 if you include multiple downtimes

AL2000HS33 minutes ago

If those calculations are correct that's looooow. I know when we originally opened in CA we started with 26 then eventually 28. They were behind in FL with staying at 24 to 26. We are somewhere now 32 to 34.

DLR>WDW5 hours ago

Quick question—does having multiple people in your party attempt to get a boarding group add or subtract to your chances at getting a pass at all?

DCBaker6 hours ago

157 is the last group of the night, called around 7:05pm (7 groups more than yesterday).

Touchdown7 hours ago

I don’t think they would be 10 hour lines anymore, 2-4 hours absolutely but 10 doubt it. Of course that queue holds 90 min tops which is why Disney isn’t letting it happen, but again poor planning.

lentesta7 hours ago

I think the boarding groups are there because of the popularity and unreliability. Remember Bob Chapek said 10-hour lines are failures, so DHS can't have 10-hour lines for Rise. And without FastPass, we'd have standby lines that long. We can't have FastPass (even if it was running) because the ride's not reliable.

Touchdown7 hours ago

I can’t believe they didn’t design it to do so, again, it’s such poor planning. Boarding Groups cannot continue indefinitely.

lentesta7 hours ago

I don't think it's physically possible for the ride to get to 2,000/hour. It may not be designed for that.

Touchdown9 hours ago

You would assume, by my rough calculations, 1458 riders/8 riders per vehicle/10 cycles per hour (ride is 5ish minutes in length, 6 is a round number)=18 vehicles, which feels right given there are 4 loading bays (2 vehicles each,) usually 4 cars in unloading, leaving 3 groups of two to be cycling the ride (load to lift, lift to escape pod, escape pod to unload.) I’m guessing a max of 20 on the ride without stacking?

AL2000HS9 hours ago

But are they using all their transports? That is the question.

Touchdown9 hours ago

Wow, can’t believe that ride can’t crack 2,000. They should have added another row onto each transport.

lentesta11 hours ago

728 riders in the half-hour between 11:55 AM and 12:25 PM. That's 1,458 riders per hour.