DVC Moonlight Magic After Hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios in September cancelled

Aug 05, 2020 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Wednesday August 5, 2020 11:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Three Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic After Hours events at Disney's Hollywood Studios originally scheduled to begin in September have been cancelled.

The after hours event that offers attractions, character meet and greets, a DJ dance party and refreshments was originally planned for September 15, 22, and October 6 2020. All three events have been now been cancelled.

The Studios event was the last of the Moonlight Magic series planned for 2020. Previous events were planned for the other three parks, with the EPCOT and Magic Kingdom event cancelled during the COVID-19 shutdown.

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jaklgreenAug 05, 2020

Not surprising at all. I was hoping that I might actually get a chance of going this year. I either do not have a trip planned during one of these or I don't get lucky enough to get a ticket.

JaxFLBearAug 05, 2020

Officially cancelled: https://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com/discounts-perks-offers/member-events/moonlight-magic/

helenabearJul 11, 2020

The park may not be fully open. Running on a limited schedule with certain experiences closed. That's not fully open. That's what I was meaning :) I honestly don't think this will help sales. People are hurting financially and cannot travel. Many wouldn't see it as a good perk to sell right now. Discounts on prices will help more than this. I'd be shocked if this didn't get canceled

Chicagoshannon2Jul 11, 2020

DHS opens on the 15th so yes it will be open by September. I didn't say they WILL have the event just that they still could. They need something as an incentive to buy DVC direct. I mean they aren't even selling AP's right now so that incentive is gone.

helenabearJul 10, 2020

Fully open? I'd disagree on that. Since the registration date is vague now, they aren't sure they can hold it yet.

JaxFLBearJul 09, 2020

They've changed the wording to "Check back later for booking dates and details.".

Ariel_x33Jul 08, 2020

I guess we will see soon if they are actually going to cancel it or not since resort guests can reserve a spot as of July 15.

Chicagoshannon2Jun 29, 2020

Typhoon was already canceled. I"m talking about the DHS event. That will be fully open by then.

JaxFLBearJun 29, 2020

DVC was likely forced to cancel the event by WDW due to the water park not reopening anytime soon. Any TL CMs that are being recalled are being offered temporary jobs at other areas of WDW.

Club CooloholicJun 29, 2020

That's what I don't get either. I think you are right, they are hoping people rebook. I honestly see my reservation week as being a big mess, it is Thanksgiving week, which is booked DVC wise completely. How can they possibly have the DVC properties at 50% capacity during a week like that? They can't My guess is they are going to have to force some people to cancel reservations, what they do with the points I don't know, and how they determine who gets canceled I don't know. My best guest is that people like me, with reservations but no park tickets will be the first cut.

nickysJun 29, 2020

Because they promised those with existing tickets would get priority. Whether people agree on their priorities or not, they made a decision to prioritise 3 groups. Doesn’t mean we have to like it. Although that doesn’t explain why they opened up 2021 first, unless it was to allow people in 2020 to rebook and get reservations.

Club CooloholicJun 29, 2020

I honestly don't see how and why they have not allowed guests with resort reservations to buy unless the issue is that doing that would meant there are weeks where they would be over the limits. They are hoping things improve(I aint holding my breath) and that they will be allowed to have more guests at the parks as the year goes on. For regular reservations this is not a big deal, you can cancel easily and not be out anything, but for us DVC reservations we might lose points with a cancelation. I am honestly considering making it at a Uni/SeaWorld/Legoland trip if this isn't resolved.

Chicagoshannon2Jun 29, 2020

I don't know. If they were going to cancel it why didn't they ditch it when they ditched Typhoon last week? Also, they need incentives right now to sell direct points. They need to be able to point to some benefit like Moonlight Magic. Can't really say you have the benefit of buy a Gold AP at the moment when there is no park hopping and no guarantee to even get into a park with it! Moonlight Magic is about the only benefit to buying direct currently. We'll see. I do hope it happens because we'll be there in September, not counting on it but hoping.

nickysJun 29, 2020

On a positive note there is still availability for resort guests left, other than right at the start. So I am hoping they allow existing resort guests to buy tickets very soon and before selling to non resort guests or taking new bookings. And if they do that, I would hope most people can get park reservations. I have my fingers crossed for everyone in your position.