Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro takes us inside Disney's Hollywood Studios on its birthday

May 01, 2020 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Friday May 1, 2020 10:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today marks the 31st birthday of Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro takes us inside the park and turns on the music.

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Nick_A7 hours ago

Good for them! I wish some of the states with lower vaccination rates (Pennsylvania is already at the 70% goal for 18+) would do more creative things like this.

durangojim7 hours ago

Right now everyone in my family has been vaccinated (including by 15 and 13 year olds thank goodness) but we plan on wearing a mask while we’re at the parks in two weeks. Why? Because I’m not concerned about any of us getting COVID, but rather all the normal stuff that I would have seen earlier in a normal year - bronchitis, sinusitis, gastroenteritis, which for the past two weeks I’m starting to see much more of. None of us mind the masks but we really don’t want to be sick at all during our big 3 week summer vacation.

GoofGoof8 hours ago

Philadelphia is launching a covid vaccine sweepstakes. 36 total winners from 3 different drawings. The unique part of this plan is they are selecting a targeted zip code for each drawing that is among the zip codes with the lowest vaccine rates in the city and that zip code will be eligible for additional prizes. Residents from the winning zip code will be roughly 100X more likely to win a prize. Just one more example of not giving up yet on vaccinations. https://www.phila.gov/2021-06-07-mayor-kenney-announces-philly-vax-sweepstakes-giving-vaccinated-philadelphians-dozens-of-chances-to-win-up-to-50000/

GoofGoof12 hours ago

There will be less unvaccinated people at WDW without a mask on then there would be if they just dropped the mask rule altogether for everyone. I can’t possibly tell you how many more, but it will be more than zero. I don’t think many will choose to wear a mask but more likely some people who are opposed to the mask rules still won’t go until it’s completely dropped.

MaryJaneP16 hours ago

Has the honor system been successful in similar situations? We all know how the honor system works in things like speed limits, taxes, and sports. Will those at WDW without a mask have really all been vaccinated or will there be cheaters?

Flugell16 hours ago

Anyone with a medical condition, eg immunosuppressant, that means that the vaccination is either far less effective or not safe to administer. No idea on the numbers involved but enough to have their safety considered too. Best analogy I can think of is if someone on an aeroplane has a nut allergy, the entire plane is informed and nuts aren’t served. If someone informs, with medical proof, that they are immunosuppressed or equivalent then people are told and masks should be worn. I know this won’t happen but would be great if it could!

Angel Ariel19 hours ago

Any high risk child under the age of 12. There are many, for a variety of reasons. Personally, my child has no volitional cough ability at all, so normal colds have often resulted in her having respiratory symptoms for more than a month, long past any contagious period, and typically requiring medication (inhaler) to resolve (she does not have asthma). Her specialists have said it’s safe for her to be out and about as usual when it comes to outdoors things, and indoors or more crowded areas when masking/distancing is in play. They are not confident when mitigation measures are no longer in play.

GimpYancIent19 hours ago


CarolinaSoprano20 hours ago

What high risk population has not had access to the vaccine yet? I understand you have a high risk child (and I respect that) but the under 12 crowd has the absolute lowest risk of complications from this virus (and thank god for that!)

Bob Harlem20 hours ago

GoofGoof20 hours ago

As I have said for a while now I have been wrong more than I have been right but my gut feeling is the CDC won’t change anything formally. They have opened the door to let people and businesses interpret their own rules. I don’t think they will recommend that kids under 12 don‘t need masks but they have left the door open for most businesses to allow it anyway. So based on me saying that more likely than not they will change the rule tomorrow;) If parents like me don’t want to teach their kids it’s OK to break the rules we will just keep making our kids wear masks anywhere they are still required. For people who don’t care they will probably just let them go without a mask. The kids don’t seem to mind at all. We went to Lowe’s and the Verizon store yesterday they both had the honor system rule where you don’t need to wear a mask if fully vaccinated. I walked in both places without a mask and made my kids put them on anyway. My oldest is one week from fully vaccinated so next Saturday he can join me without a mask. My hope is that if cases continue to drop and vaccinations continue to rise some time in July they may drop the mask recommendation for everyone. It all depends on how the stats look.

Chi8420 hours ago

In fairness, I was talking about masking in the context of the CDC's guidelines, which have been revised to reflect the fact that masks are no longer the primary method of defense against spreading the virus. As more people are vaccinated and positivity rates are drastically declining, masks are not doing as much to prevent the spread as they were when they were the only form of protection available. The CDC has basically taken the position that, at this point, it is the responsibility of those who are not vaccinated to continue wearing masks. This seems unfair to the under 12 group, but the CDC director has heavily implied that guidance may be changing soon to say they do not need to wear masks. If they do so, the decision would be made in the context of what is necessary for controlling the pandemic. Risks will always be greater for some people than others, and they will have to respond accordingly, as you are doing.

GimpYancIent20 hours ago

BOOM! 💩 Happens!

DisneyFan3221 hours ago

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/if-a-scary-asteroid-will-actually-strike-earth-heres-how-youll-know/ar-AAKYji2?li=BBnbfcL I'm scared the asteroid is coming to hit the Earth soon.