Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro takes us inside Disney's Hollywood Studios on its birthday

May 01, 2020 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Friday May 1, 2020 10:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today marks the 31st birthday of Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro takes us inside the park and turns on the music.

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aliceismadLess than a minute ago

My intent was not to be insulting, but in a world of so much disinformation, it's important to note that there are many people in many labs in many places working on many projects that are different approaches to covid prevention and treatment. Unfortunately no one can predict how new variants will arise or what they will be capable of. I do not know which vaccines are most widely used; I am uneducated about countries other than my own. I'm sure there are more knowledgeable people here who could point to the proper data if needed.

GoofGoof2 minutes ago

Breakthrough infections happen but that doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t prevent spread. Breakthrough infections are possible with measles too. That vaccine isn’t 100% effective. How did we eliminate measles (a virus twice as contagious as delta covid) if breakthrough infections were possible?

lazyboy97o2 minutes ago

That is nothing but your supposition that ignores what has happened before.

Kman4 minutes ago

I admire your effort and your arguments are sound but you are talking to a brick wall from what I can tell. Folks who are anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers are going to fight this all the way- it doesn't matter how many people die or how overwhelmed the health system is It's all about "freedom". Ridiculous. We have some of the same up here in Canada (I'm looking at you PPC supporters). In Canada, these idiots are actually protesting at hospitals and yelling at health care workers and patients and in some cases preventing them from entering the building. Not saying DisneyCane does this at all but it's the same strain of mentality. You can't argue with it. It's too bad people can't get on the same page but between politicizing the disease (and efforts to mitigate it) and selfish attitudes it appears it may be a long time before we get to the finish line.

Heppenheimer6 minutes ago

1) Varicella is one of the infamous "TORCH" viruses that can cause severe congenital defects if a mother is infected during pregnancy. 2) It causes severe encephalitis and hepatitis in rare cases, which tend to be more severe and common if an adult catches it. 3) It causes severe, potentially life-threatening illness in people who are immunosuppressed. 4) Wide-spread vaccination against chicken pox might eliminate the chance of getting shingles later in life. If you ever get shingles, write back to us and tell us whether or not you wished a vaccine could have prevented the illness. This is why we also vaccinate older adults specifically against shingles.

GoofGoof10 minutes ago

I wanted this to happen a different way. I was opposed to vaccine passports and mandates out of the gate. I thought we would all be better off as a society if enough people decided to get the vaccine and we would get out of this without requiring anyone to do it. That’s clearly never going to happen. I said from back in Mar/Apr that our plan should be to focus on vaccines and get as many people vaccinated as possible. When asked back then what happens if we don’t get enough people vaccinated my answer back then was we go to plan B which involves mandates and passports. Now is the time for plan B. With that plan there is no need for debate, no need for convincing anyone, no spinning of statistics or grasping at studies to support narratives. The vaccines are required in a lot of situations like workplaces and public settings and people either get them or they don’t. We don’t need people to change their mind or be happy about getting the vaccine….we just need them to get it.

DisneyCane13 minutes ago

No. I'm saying that because the CDC stated that fully vaccinated people can and do still spread the virus that the vaccines don't have high enough efficacy to reach herd immunity. They definitely work to a high degree in preventing severe illness and significantly reducing death for people who are fully vaccinated based on the data.

Ayla20 minutes ago

I got J&J because it was what was available to me at the time. The one shot only had no bearing on why I decided to get it.

mmascari22 minutes ago

I like to see it restated every now and then so we can be sure there's not some new misread of the guidance going on. :cool: Someone is clearly ready for the group to stop slacking and pull it's own weight too. Either that or you had to much/to little coffee today. 🤔

helenabear29 minutes ago

Vax the kids here. It's required for school anyway.

GoofGoof29 minutes ago

He‘s saying that because the CDC recommends fully vaccinated people wear a mask that the vaccines don’t work. Same tired, anti-mask rhetoric.

ABQ33 minutes ago

Are politics causing vaccine hesitancy in Canada? Note for those used to red and blue colourization, red is liberal, blue is conservative.

mmascari34 minutes ago

You kind of did. It feels like you've been fine with not trying all year actually. Content with whatever personal protection the vaccine provides and ignoring any group dynamic the vaccine creates. Which misses the point of how vaccines really work. They work much better on the group dynamic then they do on just an individual. What CDC guidance says the vaccine doesn't protect the group? When I read the guidance, it's clear that individuals being vaccinated in a pool of virus has risk. But, that being vaccinated helps to drain the pool of virus. Eventually, the pool will be empty enough that it's safe for everyone, and enough people being vaccinated will keep the pool that way. It's has always been a group project, not just an individual task. And the benefit to the group as a whole has always been larger than the the sum of the parts of the individual benefits.

GoofGoof39 minutes ago

There is simply no truth to that. I posted a link a few pages back that showed that measles is still about 2Xs as contagious as delta covid. We have 90%+ vaccinated for measles and measles has been eliminated. The covid vaccine efficacy is in the same range of efficacy as MMR. The science does not support that a high enough vaccine level cannot be reached. That’s an anti-vaxx talking point. Like it or not. It really doesn’t matter if all people support mandates or not anyway. You can’t convince everyone. Get the vaccine or face the consequences. End of story.