Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro takes us inside Disney's Hollywood Studios on its birthday

May 01, 2020 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Today marks the 31st birthday of Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro takes us inside the park and turns on the music.

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Article Posted: May 01, 2020 / 10:44am ET
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ImperfectPixie4 minutes ago

It's that user's standard response to something that doesn't jive with their anti-science opinions.

MaryJaneP25 minutes ago

Even the Florida Reopening Taskforce had multiple steps needed to significantly reduce transmission. Not that everyone adopted them.

MaryJaneP27 minutes ago

There is significant wisdom in this opinion.

TrainChasers28 minutes ago

Night time shows will be back. At the same level? I sure hope so. Parades seemed to be on their last leg as well since they had gone down to just 1 per day on both coasts.

Jrb197930 minutes ago

@Tink242424 what's so funny about the Canadian government giving out $2000 a month to people affected by Covid and helping businesses affected with giving money to will payroll? I don't get it. If you don't feel the government should put in restrictions or give aid to people who need it. Why have any government?

sullivan.kscott31 minutes ago

The overall point is that live entertainment will return. I personally doubt CoH, Turtle Talk, or CoM will be part of that. Or, if they are, it’ll be the very last thing.

sullivan.kscott32 minutes ago

pLuS tHoSe cUpCaKeS cOsT mOnEy! Anyone who has been in the HUB and seen melting Mickey Bars on toddlers’ faces and the abundance of annoying light/bubble wands sold at like 500% margins knows they’re more than breaking even on a showing of HEA. Even on a slow, mid January Wednesday night.

Jrb197934 minutes ago

I disagree. Fireworks and a parade will come back. I think a lot of the streetmosphere is gone for good. Why bring them back when the CM's are the entertainment.

GoofGoof36 minutes ago

Good stuff. OK so they need to sell a few more firework dessert tickets to break even ;)

GoofGoof37 minutes ago

The mask protects others from you if you are sick. Your family member who got sick may have avoided infecting others if they were an ardent mask wearer. It doesn’t take much to Google any number of stories on people not following basic, simple rules.

JoeCamel38 minutes ago

What I have seen (no cites from me) is masks help with about 70% of the transmission and we need 80%+ to wear them to lower the Ro below one. Masks are just one prong of the attack. The overall plan is to reduce points and lengths of contact which is what masks help with as do distancing, limiting total time spent with others and cleaning you and your surroundings.

lazyboy97o39 minutes ago

I never realized I lived in weird places. For over a decade now every medical office or hospital I have been in has required patients exhibiting cold or flu like symptoms to wear a mask.

JoeCamel41 minutes ago

One voice on the cost https://collinsrace1.wordpress.com/2019/04/19/what-all-the-firework-shows-at-disney-world-cost/#:~:text=Disney%20Parks%20doesn't%20disclose,to%20cost%20over%20%24100%2C000!)

sullivan.kscott41 minutes ago

I don’t believe it, either, for the record. I wouldn’t continue to support the diminished product now if I really thought they were that stupid (or I believed they thought their customers were). The parade route is strategically placed near shops and food kiosks for good reason (and is timed to keep you in park instead of in pool or in room napping). It’s akin to saying the dining plan won’t return. When there’s perceived value beyond corn dog nuggets and pretzels, they’ll bring that cash cow back. My only concern is that they don’t start recasting and rehearsing and whatever else needs to happen once there is clear light at the end of the tunnel. They’ll need to be ahead of the curve or prolong their recovery and misery further by being overly reactive. To be clear, I’m not talking two weeks of declining cases as a light at the end. I’m talking we’ve reached effective vaccine distribution to those that want it here AND in other major nations that patronize WDW in a meaningful way to their bottom line.