Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro takes us inside Disney's Hollywood Studios on its birthday

May 01, 2020 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Today marks the 31st birthday of Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro takes us inside the park and turns on the music.

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Article Posted: May 01, 2020 / 10:44am ET
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helenabear7 minutes ago

I think the window will open as the trial runs. We have people 6 months now testing for antibodies. I go in 3 weeks myself for the next draw. We'll see it grow as numbers come in.

GoofGoof8 minutes ago

I don’t think the CDC officially revised the travel quarantine recommendations for vaccinated people but I assume that will happen. The 3 month thing is based on the fact that they only have 3 months of official data on vaccinated people staying immune. I assume that is expanded as they confirm immunity lasts more than 3 months.

danlb_20009 minutes ago

This is my biggest issue so far with the vaccine rollout, it would be nice to have had a single portal, at least at the state level, where you could sign up, and then be scheduled at whatever location near you has availability.

seascape18 minutes ago

I also got my appointment from Rite Aid. They have lots of locations but their signup procedure stinks. I spent 2 days trying to find a location and time before I finally signed up. The biggest pain was fining a a time, selecting it, filling out the information only to find someone else did it faster and the time was gone. In any case I found a location in South Jersey 91 minutes away from my home. I am very grateful that Rite Aid had the spots and that I will receive my second shot on March 19th and according to the CDC will be fully protected by April 2. I cant wait until later in April for my WDW trip as both my wife and I will be vaccinated and not have to quarantine on our return to NJ.

Patcheslee20 minutes ago

My coworker got his 2nd shot yesterday, 68 and still works more days than many of us. Glad because he's like a grandpa to me and I'd hate for him to get sick. Now I can ease up on some of the coworkers who get too close to him with masks off. From my standpoint the CDC has to be careful with their quarantine requirements in another way. Say I wanted to travel August 15th, the current waiver for quarantine when exposed to a confirmed positive is up to 3 months from last dose. It would make more sense for me to delay getting the vaccine until I'm in that 3 month window as I'm more likely to come into contact then vs with my current precautions at home. Same if my employer requires quarantine or vaccine. Hopefully this doesn't delay too many people, and the longer we go the greater the covered period will become.

JAKECOTCenter32 minutes ago

J&J just got the OK from the CDC. Welcome to the family number 3

GoofGoof35 minutes ago

Agree with this 100% It is the American way to resist if the government says we have to do something but if a business requires it to accept it. Not 100% across the board but many people opposed to government imposed mask mandates say that they respect the right of an individual business to require masks. Capitalism and freedom of choice at work. Same applies with privacy. People vehemently against the government “tracking” them for Covid spread have no problem with Facebook or Google or Twitter or Apple or Disney tracking them online. The flu was way down this year. I think masks and distancing are the primary drivers and I think flu shots were up tjis year as well. Kids at school in particular are much less likely to be sent sick and spread to other kids and their families. Same goes for workers (especially in an office setting) where people tended to go to work sick but now are either working remotely or can’t get into the place with a fever or symptoms.

ParentsOf443 minutes ago

There almost certainly will be another surge, although (hopefully) not as large as the last one. In addition to an older population, death rates are increasing also because Americans are living less healthy lifestyles. I respectfully suggest that no matter which way the numbers @CAV has quoted are going, we all have to recognize that COVID certainly has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. We can quibble about the specifics. Doctors, administrators, and politicians are not perfect. They make mistakes and have agendas, just like everyone else. But whether it's 100,000 or 1,000,000 or somewhere in between, hundreds of thousands have died from COVID. I agree that states with loose mask rules have roughly the same results as states with strict mask rules. To me, this suggests that some of the more extreme measures have little effect. However ... You're missing where mask rules really are enforced within the United States - in the private sector. Most (all?) national chains still require masks to enter their stores. Most (all?) large corporations are enforcing mask wearing. Day-to-day, these are where most people interact with other people. Of course, we also have most universities and schools still enforcing masks as well, another place where people interact in large numbers. As we've seen with the latest post-holiday surge, when people gather together in settings where masks are not worn (e.g. homes), outbreaks occur. My wife told me (anyone else read this?) that cases of the flu are way down this year. If true, then I strongly suspect this is because mask wearing, social distancing, extra cleaning, etc. work. If these precautions reduce the spread of the flu, then it is logical that these same precautions reduce the spread of COVID.

GoofGoof49 minutes ago

I could see international travel requiring a vaccine just like cruises, especially if they let you off the ship in any other country. I don’t see domestic air travel requiring proof of vaccination. I am definitely planning to get the vaccine so it would be no skin off my back to require it and would actually make things that much more safe to fly, but I just don’t see the airlines or the public going for it.

Incomudro53 minutes ago

Masks and social distancing were further added when it was understood that lockdowns couldn't be maintained indefinitely and public health advisors feared that spread would still compound at a rate that would cause many problems. I believe Fauci etc. came to the conclusion that "Hell, let's try everything" because this thing might really get out of control. Fauci said no to them at first, because virtually anyone in healthcare would tell you that they don't use a regular surgical mask to stop virus's. (The first thing my wife an RN said when cloth masks were proposed was very much like what Dr. Fauci said. There's a right type of mask (n95) a right way to put them on, and remove them, store them if the are used again, and so on. But again, when concerns grew that this whole thing might get really out of hand it was decided to adopt public mask wearing.

Touchdown54 minutes ago

I was speaking for international travelers, which is something that the federal govt could easily implement at borders, particularly for non citizens. I agree that they won’t be widespread in the US.

DisneyDebRob56 minutes ago

Exactly 2 of the ones I’m on a list for. Along with a few others. Just happy they are going in order instead of luck of the draw. At.Mary’s is actually where I go for doctors but no such luck getting their patients in first. 😂

GoofGoof58 minutes ago

Vaccine passports are unlikely to be used widespread in the US. They may work for specific one off situations like a cruise or maybe a concert but I don’t see us getting anywhere close to the passport to interact in public. The country isn’t wired that way. Plus we have the issue of kids not being eligible so do we just say anyone with kids under 12 cannot do anything with their children in public? Tough sell. If the CDC continues to revise their guidance for anyone who is vaccinated that acts as a version of a carrot for people to get vaccinated. If for example they say the travel quarantine restrictions don’t apply to anyone who is vaccinated that would be a great incentive for anyone who wants to travel out of state to get the vaccine first. Even though the CDC recommendations are just guidelines and aren’t enforceable as laws many employers use those guidelines. So if your employer requires you to quarantine after traveling if you aren’t vaccinated that could push people towards getting the vaccine to avoid taking extra time off.

Touchdown1 hour ago

With how quickly we are vaccinating compared to the world I fully expect us to be normal before the rest of the world. As much as WDW enjoys its international travel, the majority of its customers are still Americans. They will experience more high/low seasons (Jan-Feb, May, Aug being low; everything else being high) but yes I expect them to be normal. It’s not like all international travel will be halted, but I think it’s highly likely the US enacts a vaccine or mandatory quarantine requirement, and don’t be surprised if some vaccines aren’t deemed appropriate over here (sinovac maybe AstraZeneca.) International travel will not be normal for years, I think we are looking at 2023 at the earliest.