PHOTOS - Anna and Elsa topiary now at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jun 01, 2015 in "Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Anna and Elsa Frozen Topiary at Main Entrance
Posted: Monday June 1, 2015 9:52am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Anna and Elsa topiary from the Frozen scene at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival has been relocated to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Frozen Summer Fun begins at Disney's Hollywood Studios on June 17 through to September 7 2015. You can find the topiary at the main entrance, just before the security checkpoints.

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FigmentsFangirlSep 09, 2015

Twitter was so quite concerning the last day of the whole summer fun event. When does the lights begin ? There's literally a dry spell when nothing is really happening at DHS to begin with, how will they draw crowds in between now and the Osbourne lights ? Personally if it were up to me, I'd make this a yearly event that'd fill the bill bewtween Star Wars Weekends, and the Osbourne Lights exactly, maybe a halloween party or two during the last week of october ? I mean honestly, the fireworks are worth it every time. I for one, miss it already

Next Big ThingSep 08, 2015

What you are saying doesn't correlate with fatigue. Fatigue is when you tire of something while it sounds like what you describe is young kids simply moving on from it. Of course people are going to move on from it, if you aren't at the parks, the movie was released nearly 2 years ago now and the Frozen short was released about 6 months ago already. When there's nothing new, people simply move on. They will all come swarming back once Frozen 2 is released and Frozen on Broadway will be an overwhelming success.

RSoxNo1Sep 07, 2015

I do think fatigue is starting to set in. In talking with friends that have little girls, most have them have moved on. That's not to say that they wouldn't be excited about seeing a show or a ride in the parks, but one thing can only hold a child's attention for so long.

roj2323Sep 05, 2015

It's quite possible.

MuktaSep 04, 2015

I'm planning to go to DHS on 9/12. Will the stage be down? It's my first time going since the Hat was removed and I would love to see the view of the theater as I enter.

JenniferSSep 04, 2015

Having just returned from WDW on Tuesday, I can honestly say that various members of my family enjoyed all or part of the Frozen offerings. Hubby declared the Frozen fireworks to be the best of the bunch. By far. My 19 year old son didn't hate the DJ dance party. His 19 year old girlfriend lapped up every offering. And me, 48 year old mom, is still singing "Let it Go" days later. Frozen still has legs, trust me.

OtaminSep 04, 2015

Final chance to see it? It's an absolute shame I cannot... ;)

CrazydisneyfanlukeSep 04, 2015

Dont forget the frozen offerings for the holidays, then next summer rinse and repeat, then the frozen ride.

aladdin2007Sep 04, 2015

no, frozen ever after madness will be next. :banghead:

TyrantBossSep 04, 2015

Thank God it's finally coming to an end. Has Disney bled the stone try yet?

Sketch105Jun 23, 2015

And it adds entertainment to DHS's short roster of shows and attractions (which keeps shrinking every few months)

PJBuckeyeJun 22, 2015

The reasons people are flocking are.. 1. Not everybody went last summer and 2. Girls love Frozen and enjoy the Summer Fun stuff regardless of the quality of the attraction

cheezbatJun 21, 2015

I can't believe how many people are still flocking to this... It's just a slightly updated rehash from last summers event.

Sketch105Jun 20, 2015

Darn! I would've thought they'd bring out a new version or at least the same one with a "2" added to it. :D