PHOTOS - Disney Springs West Side parking garage now testing the available space sensing technology

Jan 30, 2015 in "Disney Springs"

The Disney Springs West Side parking garage has been open for a couple of months now, but one of the best features has been quietly in development.

The garage is packed full of sensors and signs, that can tell arriving guests exactly how many spaces are available on each level, how many are available on a specific row, and then exactly where on that row the available spaces are.

Here is how it works.

On arriving at the garage, an electronic sign at the entrance displays the total number of free spaces on each level.

Once the guest chooses which level to park on, the number of spaces available in each row is displayed on an overhead sign at the entrance to each row. 

Once the driver chooses a row, each space has an overhead LED marker, that glows red or green. Red indicates the space is occupied, and green indicates the space is available. This makes it really easy to know how far to drive down a row, and if that space you think is vacant really is available, or if its just a small car that you can't quite see from the start of the row.

The parking technology is currently in the test and adjust phase, so is not yet operating daily. Expect to see it go live in the near future as the final touches are put in place.

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Article Posted: Jan 30, 2015 / 9:16am EST