PHOTOS - APEX by Sunglass Hut signage goes up in The Landing at Disney Springs

Jan 29, 2015 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Thursday January 29, 2015 11:34am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

APEX by Sunglass Hut now has signage in place in The Landing district of Disney Springs.

The new store is located just opposite Paradiso 37 in one of the new units created in the former Pleasure Island area. Chapel Hats was the first store to put signage up earlier this week, with a whole host more to open up in the next few months.

Sunglass Hut has expanded its presence at Walt Disney World this year, with new stores opening at the Magic Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon. The new store will also join Sunglass Hut Icon on the West Side at Downtown Disney. The APEX line of stores targets the sports range of the Sunglass Hut range.

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mechurchladyFeb 08, 2015

More of the Apex shop. The inner path has stairs but wheels have ways to get to the inner walkway .

wdwmagicFeb 04, 2015

PHOTOS - Inside the new APEX by Sunglass Hut store at The Landing

GoofGoofJan 31, 2015

You will still have people waiting for tables at the restaurants who will pop in to the stores. I think it's a pretty good spot to be for certain types of stores.

DisneyNorthFanJan 31, 2015

Thanks for sharing. That makes a lot more sense - it did look unfinished.

WDWtravelerJan 31, 2015

Hardscaping is not yet complete. The decorative stone is already around the planters at the restroom building just a few doors up the street. More to come.

DisneyNorthFanJan 30, 2015

Maybe it makes sense and looks better in-person, but what's with the concrete planters and retaining walls outside this new strand of stores? No decorative stone or ledge? it looks cheap.

BoltJan 30, 2015

Foot traffic will always be fine - once parking and roads are complete, the locals will come back again.

NeXuS1000Jan 30, 2015

For now; how will the store fare once the other garage and the new shopping district opens?

wdwmagicJan 30, 2015

I think they will do really well. With everyone parking on the West Side, all guests that want to go to the Marketplace have to pass by this row of stores. They certainly have a lot of foot traffic passing their store.

dstrawn9889Jan 30, 2015

and a better themed shop than in adventureland....

sshindelJan 30, 2015

A decent number of people shopping around in there. Nice. Thank you for the photo update.

WDWtravelerJan 30, 2015

Apex by Sunglass Hut opened at 1 PM today. Photo update as of Friday, Jan 30. Guests will like the high-tech display screen (seen at the left in the second photo) where you can try out your new sunglasses with/without glare protection. There will be a wind machine above this screen (to be operational soon) to simulate riding a bike or skiing.

WDWtravelerJan 29, 2015

Photo update as of Thursday, Jan 29. I just happen to walk by as some CMs were opening the door. The inside displays are ready to go. I'm guessing the store opening is very soon, perhaps within days.