Week 3 of Marketplace Mondays special offers at Disney Springs

Mar 27, 2017 in "Disney Springs"

Disney Springs is continuing its Marketplace Mondays with a third week of special offers.

Today only, you can get the following deals by showing the tweet from Disney Springs:

  • $1 off any sundae at Ghirardelli
  • Buy one, get one free Face Painting
  • Three select Tsum Tsums for $0.99 each at Once Upon a Toy (while supplies last, limit 10 per style)
  • LiveTrends: Save 15%
  • Basin: Save 10%
  • Wetzel's Pretzels: Buy two pretzels, get one free
  • Set the Bar and Sublime: Save 15%
  • The Savannah Bee Company: Save 15%
  • Earl of Sandwich: Free soft drink and chips with purchase of an entree
  • Wolfgang Puck Express: Save 20%
  • LittleMissMatched: Save 10%
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Article Posted: Mar 27, 2017 / 10:07am EDT
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RiderMay 01, 2017

Related: I saw that the Hangar Bar now has Happy Hours Monday-Friday 3:30-6

wdwmagicMay 01, 2017

Marketplace Monday deals return for May at Disney Springs

intheATLMar 27, 2017

I see your profile says you are in ATL - did you know we just got an Earl at Phipps Plaza?! I'm heading there tomorrow myself! Dying for tomato soup and a Full Montague and a brownie!

DisneyDreamer08Mar 27, 2017

This is an awesome feature. If it was happening last September while we were there, I definitely would have taken advantage.

disneygeek90Mar 27, 2017

No, but for others that can make the plans 6 hours instead of 6 months in advance, it can be beneficial.

wdwmagicMar 27, 2017

Week 3 of Marketplace Mondays special offers at Disney Springs

preludevtec01Mar 20, 2017

Completely agree. I really enjoy spending time at Disney Springs. With each opening restaurant/shop, it only keeps getting better and better! I've said it once and I'll say it again... "I could really use a sandwich from Earl's right about now!"

wdwmagicMar 20, 2017

Marketplace Mondays continues today at Disney Springs

JustInTimeMar 14, 2017

I don't get the hate for Disney Springs. I think the new updates are fantastic and I loved going. I hate we lost Adventures Club still, but Springs is so nice.

Tavernacle12Mar 14, 2017

Free Goofy Glaciers!?!?!? They found the thing that'd make me bother going to Disney Springs.

BoltMar 13, 2017

Free drink is kind of cool, actually

preludevtec01Mar 13, 2017

I could really use a sandwich from Earl's right about now!

DisorbustMar 13, 2017

That is not enough of an incentive for me to rearrange touring plans that I am forced to make 6 months in advanced

Tony the TiggerMar 13, 2017

"part of a new series of MarketplaceMonday deals throughout March."