PHOTOS - Signage up at one of the first new stores at Disney Springs

Jan 26, 2015 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday January 26, 2015 8:30am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Chapel Hats takes the honors for being the first new tenant to get its store signage up in the new Disney Springs.

The hat store will be opening in the new section of The Landing that runs between Raglan Road and Portobello. Chapel Hats should be opening in the next month along with these others new stores.

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Next Big ThingFeb 05, 2015

Perfect post. People will never be happy. They complain about all the generic merch and we get a bit of a change of pace with some of these new stores, things especially if you are a tourist only staying on Disney property (yes, I know that's frowned upon - go to Uni, see Potter), places like Chapel Hats and Art of Shaving will be the only places throughout the whole resort to offer these products. There are some things that warrant complaining. This isn't one of them.

GoofGoofFeb 05, 2015

It's funny how there were lots of complaints that Disney didn't have any unique or specialty stores anymore. That every store sold the same Disney junk. The first specialty store opens at Disney Springs and it's already declared a failure. I guess if that's true, when they replace it with a gift shop selling souvenirs people will be happy:)

unkadugFeb 05, 2015

To anyone that has been there, does the parks pricing line up with the online pricing?

SnarkyMonkeyFeb 04, 2015

Well, I didn't mean that everyone wears them. I don't think most people even wear hats. But hats are hot accessories right now. And this shop seems to have a wide variety that appeals to different demographics. And you can brands here that are hard to find elsewhere - as in you can't just go to your local mall and pick them up.

GeorgeFeb 04, 2015

I would say that those who buy and wear jaunty hats are in the minority, but there are enough that this store should be fine.

unkadugFeb 04, 2015

maybe not, but it's generally pretty funny and fairly accurate ...even though it's far from PG rated. It's kind of like have to read between the lines and realize that it's open source.

note2001Feb 03, 2015

Shopping malls, of which DTD is one, can support specialty stores providing the items sold are usable and have a decent price point. We can't really compare this shop to the MK Sunglasses hut becuase the demographic is different. We can however compare it to the Sunglasses hut being opened at DTD. Are they open yet? If so, How's business for them? I can envision both my 28yo and 17yo boys going into here and coming out with hats :) No need to even think about what my daughter would do LOL.

SnarkyMonkeyFeb 03, 2015

Really? Maybe it depends where you live. All of those styles seem pretty common to me. And can I remind you that Disney has no problem selling mickey ears, goofy ears, birthday cake hats, hats with veils, etc. and those aren't exactly the types of hats that you see people walking around selling every day. From what I understand, the line ups aren't just people looking around. It seems like the registers have been quite busy.

hokielutzFeb 03, 2015


wdwmagicFeb 03, 2015

Most tourists don't really know it's new. I would agree with what you say if were in a non-tourist location.

TheRabbitFeb 03, 2015

To respond, in my opinion, the store is packed now because it just opened. And being packed and having a line at the registers are two differnent things. I guess I'm just going on the fact that I don't see people walking around everyday with those types of hats on. I see a ton of baseball hats everywhere being worn by people. Once again, just my opinion (which I'm sure will be wrong in many's eyes).

PrincessNelly_NJFeb 03, 2015

Hat styles are associated with negative stereotypes? Really? It is just a hat. Using Urban Dictionary as a reference is never good. Flat bills are popular among many people, not just teens or the people listed by urban dictionary. But like he said, it was really just a joke.

SnarkyMonkeyFeb 03, 2015

I have heard this said a couple of times now but nobody has really said why they think this hat shop won't do well. Why not? It looks very nice. They are selling a product that you might need or can use right away. The prices seem fine. And the place has been packed since it opened. Sounds like a success to me.

wdwmagicFeb 03, 2015

Somewhat, although I would say that Apple is very different in that with Apple, you know its Apple. You know Apple design it, they control manufacturing, and they have their own stores. The interesting thing with Sunglass Hut is that most people probably don't realize that Sunglass Hut is the manufacturer of Ray-Ban, Oakley etc. And that pretty any brand you buy, from any retail store, it is all Sunglass Hut, aka Luxotica. They even control the Target eyewear stores.