Disney Springs West Side Taco food truck to close today and replaced with new concept

Feb 17, 2020 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday February 17, 2020 7:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Springs' Street Tacos food truck on the West Side at Disney Springs will have its final day of operation today.

A new Hot Dog food truck concept will be the replacement. The 4 Rivers Cantina which offers taco cones remains open in the Marketplace.

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eddie104Feb 26, 2020

So the transformation of the west side continues ?

Jon81ukFeb 25, 2020

I'm not sure of all the details but I think some of the trucks rotate in and out and sometimes "guest" trucks park up.

DisneysonFeb 25, 2020

So, the implication is that the food trucks drive around and that one or two of them are actually just in a different location? Or that they were bought from Disney?

Jon81ukFeb 25, 2020

Yep. So the ones that were originally themed to each of the theme parks are Disney owned and operated. The trucks such as the 4 Rivers Cantina are operated by that brand.

LilofanFeb 25, 2020

I thought the food trucks at Disney Springs were staffed by cast members meaning it is WDW owned and operated. If a third party owns and operates the food trucks it would be staffed by their own people.

Jon81ukFeb 25, 2020

Pretty sure the external trucks are owned by the operators and brought in. Disney aren't just giving over their trucks to others.

DisneysonFeb 25, 2020

The original concept was cute, they had one truck for each park - one was MK snacks from all around the world, one was EPCOT festival favorites you could get year-round, another was AK-themed Asian and African food (turned into the taco truck that’s about to be replaced), and the other one was Studios... which I guess was for the picky people in your party... Outside they had a bar that used to do themed drinks based on whatever the most recent Disney movie was. Parsec Punch... the Purple Snap... stuff like that. Cute idea, but I’m glad they’re getting some unique partners to take the trucks over. Can’t say no to variety and some partners sharing in Disney’s wealth.

RSoxNo1Feb 18, 2020

I didn't know this was a thing, so I guess I'm ok with it leaving

larryzFeb 17, 2020

As an American of German descent, I take great offense at Disney culturally appropriating the Frankfurter, and call on all woke people throughout the world to boycott this venue and let Disney know why! /s I'm better now -- just had my first cup of tea and things make more sense...