VIDEO - Another Disney Springs milestone is reached as Buena Vista Drive flyover ramp opens to guests

Sep 09, 2015 in "Disney Springs"

Flyover ramp from Buena Vista Drive to Orange Garage
Posted: Wednesday September 9, 2015 7:45am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Another major milestone was hit yesterday at Disney Springs with the opening of the new Buena Vista Drive flyover ramp.

The new ramp takes guests traveling east bound on Buena Vista Drive Drive directly into the parking garage.

If you are driving toward Disney Springs from the Epcot side of property, stay in the right lane near Typhoon Lagoon to enter the flyover ramp.

Entering the garage from the flyover ramp puts you directly onto level 3, and there is also a slip ramp to descend back down to surface parking. 

Like the original entrance on the ground level, there is a display providing space availability for each level.

The opening of the flyover ramp is part of a series of major changes to handling traffic around Disney Springs. The road is being widened to 10 lanes with dedicated bus lanes, two new pedestrian bridges, and a series of flyovers to enter the parking garages and dedicated exit from I4.

We've shot a quick video to show you the full approach and trip across the flyover and then back out of the garage along the exit ramp.

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nelsonj3May 22, 2016

Here is a quick video that I took this morning showing the new bus lanes and the construction progress on Buena Vista Drive as of today. You can see a WDW Bus driving in the bus lanes doing some training.

Rob562Mar 24, 2016

I think there's a taxi/drop-off area in the plans between the orange garage and the bus loops. -Rob

djkidkazMar 13, 2016


matt9112Mar 10, 2016

Really? In Boston I use the bus lanes as passing lanes :)

*Q*Mar 09, 2016

Is it possible that the current bus loop will become a new taxi/drop-off area?

halltdMar 09, 2016

We've had this discussion many times. Look at the overal new site plan and this is almost definitely just a service road for deliveries and exists between AMC and the orange garage now.

DisneyJeffMar 08, 2016

If it is going to be one way, then I think this would be the entrance, not the exit. The busses would drive past SSR and pull in the way they do now. But instead of stopping, they would continue to the new bus area. They would exit on to BVB on the other side of Disney Springs to return to the resorts.

danlb_2000Mar 08, 2016

If this is part of the bus lane, then they must be keeping the marketplace bus stop.

JUFL2019Mar 08, 2016

I'm starting to think the the dedicated bus lanes will be one way and this will be their exit

danlb_2000Mar 08, 2016

That road is here. Where is this going to eventually go to?

WDWtravelerMar 08, 2016

Photo update as of Tuesday, March 8. Roadwork is progressing on the Disney bus-only lanes under the pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Buena Visa Drive and Hotel Plaza Blvd.

dstrawn9889Feb 12, 2016

the graphics on them now are old lane markings used during construction... they haven't been topcoated yet

TimeTripFeb 12, 2016

Interesting, I figured those lanes would be bi-directional rather than one-way. Does anyone know what direction they'll allow for the busses? It looks like it might just be eastbound only.

LieutLawwFeb 12, 2016

Not really, they are only used on bus lanes and are lowered by a sensor inside the buses, the people hitting them are trying to use the lane illegally