PHOTOS - Latest look at 'The Springs' under construction at Disney Springs

Oct 08, 2015 in "Disney Springs"

The Springs construction
Posted: Thursday October 8, 2015 8:35am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today we have an updated look at the progress on The Springs in the center of Disney Springs.

The Springs will be home to a number of new unannounced restaurants alongside the water, as well as providing some great views for existing restaurants such as Morimoto Asia and STK Orlando.

Click the gallery for more photos.

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cspencer96Aug 12, 2015

I'd expect some pretty major color and decor changes (with the props staying or being shuffled around), because The Observatory concept seems to be a little more upscale than the kitschy style of the current PH.

Jon81ukAug 12, 2015 The interior isn't expected to see a dramatic change as the movie props will stay, although windows will be cut to allow a patio bar.

JEANYLASERAug 12, 2015

What is the Planet Hollywood Observatory? And do you have the concept art of the new Planet Hollywood Observatory?

BartattackAug 12, 2015

Will they close Planet Hollywood while it's being transformed into the Observatory?

roj2323Aug 10, 2015

The project will not be done anytime soon but you should be able to walk all the way around T. rex by Christmas which means the springs water feature will be done. We should be able to walk around morimotos and the new steak house as well by then too.

DisneyJayLAug 10, 2015

Still seems like they have a long way to go. Spring 2016. I guess it will be ready June 1, which is technically spring.

lazyboy97oAug 10, 2015

Yes, through Pleasure Island as always. Town Center will be a new route between the two where the Pleasure Island parking lot was located.

Innkeeper's ClubAug 10, 2015

It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures but I was wondering are you still able to walk from Marketplace to the West Side?

articosAug 08, 2015

No waterfalls, just taking the appearance of a real spring's different levels of depth. There will be movement to the water, but like a Florida spring, which is usually a gentle rolling.

DreamTogetherAug 08, 2015

Agreed. It has always felt a little off going from a park to DTD because the theming was just never on the same level

JEANYLASERAug 07, 2015

When does the new Planet Hollywood Observatory will be finished Construction?:confused:

RayTheFireflyAug 07, 2015

Looking great. Very exciting. :) I find the fifth and ninth pictures interesting. It looks like there are different levels of the bottom of the Springs. I wonder if that's just to give it a realistic appearance, or if the water will have enough of a current to actually cascade down that area like a little mini-waterfall.

wdwmagicAug 07, 2015

Yes it is. The whole place is pretty much focussed around this area, and it will be great to see some theme park calibre theming brought into DTD.

DreamTogetherAug 07, 2015

If this ends up looking like the concept art, this is going to be one of the prettiest places in the entire resort