Drum Corps International marching performances at Disney Springs this weekend

Jul 07, 2017 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Friday July 7, 2017 3:32pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs will host a day of Drum Corps International marching performances this Sunday (July 9).

  • The Cavaliers (Rosemont, IL) at 11am
  • Carolina Crown (Fort Mill, SC) at 1pm
  • The Cadets (Allentown, PA) at 3pm

All performers will march through Disney Springs starting on the West Side near Cirque du Soleil La Nouba and finishing at the Marketplace near Once Upon a Toy.

Viewing areas are located:

  • Between Splitsville Luxury Lanes and Disney Springs AMC Theatres 24
  • Near Planet Hollywood Observatory
  • Between ZARA and Anthropologie
  • Near The Daily Poutine
  • Between Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop and World of Disney
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mousehockey37Jul 08, 2017

Yes, drum corps is a very big family. Sure, there's corps that don't like each other, but outside of competition, it's awesome what the community is like.

WEDwaydatamoverJul 08, 2017

Right on. Let the kids have some fun and not get into too much trouble. Love it!

WildcatDenJul 08, 2017

I believe the corps get along, for the most part. Far different from competing athletic teams. . .

mousehockey37Jul 08, 2017

Yes, the encores this week for Phantom have been awesome in light of what happened. The NY Skyliners lost all their equipment too in an awful accident, luckily no fatalities. Fusion Core is actually donating 100% of their souvie sales tonight to the Skyliners to help them start the comeback. Sky was supposed to perform in Clifton, NJ tonight, but unfortunately cannot.

WildcatDenJul 08, 2017

Sad what happened to Phantom recently. Heard the encore last night was really special. I know a few low brass auditioning for Cavaliers next year.

mousehockey37Jul 08, 2017

How ironic... the year they did the Illuminations music, lol. Good year.

mousehockey37Jul 08, 2017

There's a big difference between Jr. and Sr. corps. Junior, these kids go full out all day everyday. Senior, just as fun but it's the weekend warrior circuit! Then there's Alumni corps. While most don't do field shows, they still know how to entertain and blow the crowd away. I've always been a SCV, Cavalier and Phantom Regiment fan for DCI. I'll always be a Thunderbird and Buccaneer, no matter where in the world I am.

Kylo KenJul 08, 2017

2000 here as a Cadet of Bergen County =) I will definitely be there on Sunday to watch this. Love DCI and miss the old days haha

WildcatDenJul 08, 2017

With 20 years, then you can appreciate a first timer going to a competition and seeing Tradition and wondering what all the hype is about. Then, each Championship Corp helped you understand a little more each performance. That was me 6 years ago. If one only goes to an open class, you will be, well, disapointed. My favorite last year was Carolina Crown

mousehockey37Jul 08, 2017

I've been involved with drum corps the last 20 years... I'm aware of who won, lol.

WildcatDenJul 08, 2017

My daughter's roommate is playing with Tradition this year. My daughter is a clarinet player (all state, National Band). Bloooooooooo won this year, with Crown placing second

mousehockey37Jul 08, 2017

Yes you do!!! DCUK... look it up!!! I'm going to try my hardest to see the Kidsgrove Scouts when they come over at the end of August!!!!

AndyS2992Jul 08, 2017

I'm from the UK, we don't have this kind of stuff here lol forgive me.

mousehockey37Jul 08, 2017

If you want to get involved, Cincinnati Tradition is a DCA (Senior Corps) Class A corps. They're actually the defending Class A champions.