Disney Springs to begin special shopping experiences for Passholders

Mar 05, 2018 in "Disney Springs"

Posted: Monday March 5, 2018 11:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs is launching a new exclusive shopping experience for Passholders, with the first taking place this coming weekend.

The first, already at-capacity event, will allow Passholders exclusive pre-opening time in the World of Disney store, and will include previews of new offerings, guests speakers and more.

More events are planned at different Disney Springs locations, taking place on the second Saturday of each month. Email invitations are being sent, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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wdwmagicJun 06, 2018

Super Saturdays returns to Disney Springs this weekend

ThatMouseMay 09, 2018

We never get the emails either. I don't think Disney wants to advertise room discounts to passholders for some reason. I have my daily news reader list wdwmagic news via RSS. :)

wdwmagicMay 09, 2018

Super Saturdays for Annual Passholders this weekend at Disney Springs

CakeMar 15, 2018

No email about this :(

sixbagelboyMar 08, 2018

I didn't get an email either and I have been a pass holder for YEARS! I chatted online with Guest Relations and they were no help as to why I didn't receive the email invite. They recommended I call the Internet Help Desk. That was an odd recommendation, in my opinion. It makes me wonder how many other invites I missed.

DavidS1234Mar 06, 2018

Same here. I've never received any of these notices, and I've been a passholder for 3 years.

aladdin2007Mar 05, 2018

anyone else never receive these emails? there is no block or anything yet I have yet to receive any passholder email in the past even though the info has always been correctly registered with them.

RteetzMar 05, 2018

There is only one scheduled so far. It came in a passholder email last week.

cazzie1971Mar 05, 2018

where is there info about this event and up coming events?