Disney Springs to offer $25 bonus shopping cards

Jul 03, 2017 in "Disney Springs"

Starting July 13 2017, if you buy a special limited edition $100 shopping card you will get a $25 bonus shopping card to spend at Disney Springs.

The $100 shopping card and the the $25 bonus card can be used at any Disney owned and operated merchandise location at Disney Springs, along with the Shop Disney parks app, and the Earport at Orlando International Airport.

The $100 shopping card will be sold only at World of Disney, and has no expiration. The $25 bonus card expires October 29 2017.

The shopping cards can be used at:

  • World of Disney
  • Disney’s Design-A-Tee
  • Disney’s Days of Christmas
  • Disney’s Pin Traders
  • Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories
  • Goofy’s Candy Co.
  • Marketplace Co-Op
  • Marketplace Fun Finds
  • Mickey’s Pantry, Once Upon a Toy
  • The Art of Disney
  • Tren-D
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney Springs
  • The Ganachery
  • D-Living
  • Sundries
  • Disney’s Candy Cauldron
  • Star Wars Galactic Outpost
  • Super Hero Headquarters
  • Disney’s EarPort
  • The Magic of Disney
  • Shop Disney Parks app
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Article Posted: Jul 03, 2017 / 9:54am EDT
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aprincessatlasstJul 11, 2017

That is the one store that will get me to go back to DS. Unique stuff however the quality is meh...but fun designs. It helps its right across from the lego store my kids love. Not that they can't get that stuff here it is just extra special on vacation. I personally think DS is for more of the offsite folks or for those who only get a few days worth of tickets or no tickets at all. It is a nice WDW fix for us pre cruise when we go on DCL.

wendysueJul 11, 2017

Ok. I get it. Disney wants every dollar they can get, and this place must work for some, just not for me.

Swarles Barkley.Jul 11, 2017

What they said :-)

BairstowJul 11, 2017

Oh absolutely. It's not like they've come to Disney World to shop, but like most people they'll drop by for an evening or two as part of a longer Disney trip. Disney Springs may be their one chance to go boutique shopping while they're stateside. Depending on the exchange rates, international guests often find the prices rather attractive compared to what certain brands cost back home. Many of the shoppers are teenagers on group trips away from their parents who have hundreds of dollars of spending money burning holes in their pockets. This is the reason you find Sunglass Hut locations inside the Magic Kingdom and Islands of Adventure; American teenagers aren't going to pay premium prices for designer sunglasses while they're in a theme park, but foreign teenagers with their parents money often will.

wendysueJul 11, 2017

Do the international travelers actually come all the way to WDW to shop at Disney Springs?? Really?? Pretty sure if they just wanted to shop, they could go basically, anywhere....London, Paris, etc. On the other hand, if Disney gets those people to part with their hard earned vacation cash, more power to em'. :)

wendysueJul 11, 2017

I absolutely do not want it to fail...it's just not my cup of tea. I don't go to Disney to shop, I go to vacation. I was just saying that I can go to those same stores almost anywhere. You can have the extra room for the "rest of you".

I am TimmyJul 07, 2017

I miss the comedy clubs at Pleasure Island. They were so good, and you could hit more than one show in an evening, even with kids! The Improv group usually managed to keep it PG and still be very funny, my boys really miss it. Ok, so the Adventurer's Club got a little more risque the later it got, but early enough you could take the kids, explore the rooms, and the kids loved it! Kungaloosh! Honestly, how many entertainments options are there now?

BairstowJul 06, 2017

It's definitely improved, and gone more upscale in both its retail offerings and water features, but I'm curious why you would do all the way to "utter trash" with it. Magnetron was a little garish, maybe. Personally, I still sorely miss the Virgin Megastore from the Downtown Disney heyday. In a pre-Amazon world, that place was heaven for a nerdy teenager.

tissandtullyJul 06, 2017

Yeah, I'm barely an XXL and I can't fit into the Uniqlo shirts, I was so disappointed, cause they have some really cool designs.

NoChesterHesterJul 06, 2017

I guess some folks don't want nice things... because if these kinds of updated concepts fail it makes more investment harder and harder to justify.

Clowd NyneJul 05, 2017


disneygeek90Jul 05, 2017

I'm assuming you would be able to combine the cards with an AP discount?

BatStang2000Jul 05, 2017

We had dinner there for our first meal on our Oct 2016 trip. I had the Carnitas while my wife had the Carne Asada. Both were excellent meals. I also had them bring me some Habanero sauce on the side. It is hot, very hot, sweat drops on my forehead hot, but it was just what I wanted. Probably won't reply anymore since it is off-topic.

Sped2424Jul 05, 2017

They go up to xl but trying to find shirts in that size can be rather difficult esp the Disney themed ones.