Disney KiteTails daytime show flying into Disney's Animal Kingdom for the 50th anniversary

Jun 22, 2021 in "Disney KiteTails"

Posted: Tuesday June 22, 2021 8:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom will debut 'Disney KiteTails,' a new show that will come alive several times daily beginning October 1 2021 inside the Discovery River Amphitheater.

Performers will fly windcatchers and kites of all shapes and sizes, while out on the water, elaborate three-dimensional kites – some stretching to 30 feet long – will depict Disney animal friends, including Simba, Zazu, Baloo, and King Louie. These colorful creations will dance through the sky to the beat of favorite Disney songs in an uplifting, vibrant experience for the whole family.

With this new show, the amphitheater will be used for the first time since Rivers of Light ended in 2020. The water-based kites also look as though they will be making use of the jet skis that were used for the now discontinued kite sequence in EPCOT Forever.

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mnelson33 hours ago

Unless something horrible happens I’m sure October will go on as planned.

Figments Friend4 hours ago

Gonna be a huge crowd there on the 1st, methinks. Hoo boy....can't wait for the fun! ✨ Remember kids, BRING YOUR OWN FOOD with you! Smuggle in as many snacks as you can. The lines for food and even mobile pick up will likely be insane, and the added chaos will make it a must. You can thank me for the tip when it's all over. 😎 -

jrhwdw4 hours ago

Good, I guess..with the CDC today, let's hope HEA makes it till Sep 29th, And the 50th goes on as planned!

DCBaker6 hours ago

October 1st MK Park Passes for all buckets have been replenished -

tcool1237 hours ago

So far this is has been the biggest let down for a statue for the lineup in terms of announcements. Lumiere and Cogsworth are fine representations for New Fantasyland or Sunset Boulevard, Timon & Pumba are a perfect fit for Animal Kingdom representation, Pooh and Piglet are fine representations for Fantasyland. But Edna? Her "attraction" hasn't even been open since reopening, but if she was placed at Contemporary given the new rooms I suppose it would be a stretch but it would fit 🤷‍♂️

DCBaker9 hours ago

Video for Edna Mode statue announcement -

Nmoody118 hours ago

You can sell the statues after the celebration though and make $$$

MadTeacup1 day ago

I'm not saying the whole project is based around it. I AM saying that I expect the new statues in the HUB to be a permanent replacement to what is there and a clever way of removing Br'er Rabbit without that character being singled out. The fact that these "Additions" will draw less attention to Br'er Rabbit's removal is a win for the company.

UNCgolf1 day ago

I doubt that. Disney could just remove that overnight at some point and most people wouldn't notice. Beyond that, the people that would care have to know that statue is almost certainly going to disappear at some point. I don't think Disney is worried about any backlash.

MadTeacup1 day ago

They appear to be the same size as the current Hub statues that have existed now for decades, I believe. I think this is a low-key way of eliminating the Br'er Rabbit statue without drawing attention to its removal.

UNCgolf1 day ago

I was hoping one of these reveal videos would show them with the person revealing them instead of as a separate video clip.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

No pictures of one of the statues with a banana, yet, for perspective.

UNCgolf1 day ago

I meant see the actual physical statue in real life with something else for perspective, not just the concept art. The concept art makes them look like they'd be maybe 3 feet tall but I wouldn't be surprised if they were bigger.

dreday31 day ago

Okay. Now that's pretty exciting. (seriously) That will look great.