First look at the Main Street U.S.A. projections in another behind-the-scenes look at Disney Enchantment coming to Magic Kingdom

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Disney Enchantment overview
Posted: Friday September 24, 2021 9:49pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today shared a new behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Disney Enchantment fireworks show coming to Magic Kingdom.

We hear from Mark Renfrow, Show Director, and get a first look at the Main Street U.S.A. projections, new castle lighting and laser systems, and some of the new pyrotechnics.

Disney Enchantment begins October 1 as part of The World's Most Magical Celebration 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

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Sir_Cliff1 day ago

This is one of those "what is going on at Disney?" things for me. Within a few months, they showed the kind of care and attention to detail you would expect by modifying an existing show for the final few months of its run to accommodate the new decorations on the castle so it will look better for guests. Then they launch a brand new show designed to premiere with the new decorations on the castle and they don't show the same care and attention to detail, instead just ignoring the decorations and allowing the projections to remain awkwardly mapped over the castle. Same company, same park, same type of show on the same castle, and at virtually the same time, yet two significantly different approaches to show quality.

gerarar1 day ago

I agree about Show Yourself — at least do a mashup between that and Into the Unknown like in Shangaii’s nighttime show. And the same happens in HEA if you look closely, but it is more obvious/prominent in DE. In HEA, Tink flies around the castle turning it into the royal red color, section by section until she flies.

Giss Neric1 day ago

Heck, they should have used Show Yourself instead of Into the Unknown. The one positive thing I thought was better than HEA was when before Tink's flight you can see the projection of Tink going around the castle all the way to the top then she lights up and flies. I think that was executed well.

gerarar1 day ago

The most obvious departure from DE to HEA is the music choices and executions. Where HEA had a mix of original and re-recorded/cover songs, DE is only re-recorded and cover songs. Like Elsa should be the one singing ‘Into the Unknown’. The only one that sounds very close to the original is ‘We Know the Way’. The cover for ‘I Am Moana’ is fine, but having Moana’s grandma sing that first part will be similar to how Mufasa spoke Remember, who you are.. in HEA. Both moments come right after the villains segment, so it needs that hook to get the emotions going. Just weird decisions all together with this show, songs were fine I guess, but the execution could’ve been a whole lot better.

Animaniac93-982 days ago

I saw and heard bits and pieces in the park, but just now listened to the full soundtrack. I found the parks blog video and watched it. The most obvious thing to me is that they wanted to mimic the style and feel of HEA as much as possible, without literally copying it. The problem with that is, by design, the imitation will never be as good as the real thing. The song selection and arrangements, just aren't as good. If they wanted to copy a show, they just should have done Celebrate Tokyo Disneyland. Also, like many Disney nighttime shows of late, there's an obvious refusal to have much music outside of the animated catalog released between 1989 and now. There's a century's worth of Disney music to draw from. Not everything has to have "Under the Sea" and "Be Our Guest".

Notes from Neverland2 days ago

Finally got to see this in person and ... it's just not a good replacement for Happily Ever After. It almost feels like Happily Ever After is the updated, improved version of Enchantment. Enchantment's projections are pretty sloppy and sometimes hard to decipher, and the tone/flow of the show just isn't very good.

BaymaxFan6 days ago

How is it even possible for them to scale back the finale? It was already short and disappointing

ToTBellHop6 days ago

I believe this more than the Happily Ever After Hours idea.

wtyy216 days ago

Or maybe spring 2023, after the 50th celebration ends.

disneyglimpses6 days ago

I am still not convinced that they put all that effort into modifying Happily Every After's projections, lights and pyro to accommodate not only the 50th anniversary decorations but the new/modified infrastructure for Disney Enchantment for only 90 days. Fully expecting to see this show return in early 2022.

HairyChest6 days ago

The end got me. so did coco in the middle.

wtyy216 days ago

This was a show that supposed to be (pre-pandemic concept) for the 50th anniversary fireworks, showing Mickey, Walt and Roy footage, classic Disney films, and Walt Disney World attractions/shows with movies attached for that attractions, like Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland. EDIT: It was possible to copying that TDL show for MK with fountains instead Main Street projections at the time, except that show supposed to be focused of four WDW parks and disney films and with big fireworks that TDL don't have. IMO, the modified "Let the Memories Begin" song would be fit for the 50th show than "You Are the Magic" despite the latter is better.

Giss Neric6 days ago

This is basically the same as how I would want the show to be

gerarar6 days ago

Something really cool (and confusing) I also noticed about HEA in its final few months — they actually adjusted the projections, specifically characters/objects to avoid overlapping the 50th crest. Here, they made the Genie’s lamp smaller. And in this, they moved glowing Hercules to the bottom. Now, let’s look at DE’s projections. It doesn’t take into account the 50th crest and overlaps on top the various characters — Tiana, Miguel, Hercules, Moana, etc…. 593162 Hard to believe this is a simple oversight. If they adjusted the projections for HEA’s short return, surely they could’ve done similar for DE.. I think @disneyglimpses did a similar comparison earlier in the thread, so apologies if this is repetitive.