Magic Kingdom's 'Disney Enchantment' moves to new timeslot beginning May 16 2022

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Disney Enchantment preview
Posted: Friday May 13, 2022 4:40pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

"Disney Enchantment," the Magic Kingdom's new 50th-anniversary firework spectacular, will move to a new timeslot beginning May 16 2022.

The show moves from its usual 9pm start to 9:20pm through at least July 23 2022, which is the furthest date published on the calendar.

The 16 minute "Disney Enchantment" features fireworks, lighting, lasers, projections - and for the first time, projection effects extend from Cinderella Castle down Main Street, U.S.A.

Watch the video below for a look at the October 1 performance of "Disney Enchantment."

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Vinnie Mac4 days ago

If Enchantment came after Wishes and wasn't painted as an anniversary celebration show, I think it would be much more loved.

James Alucobond4 days ago

Enchantment is fine, it's just inappropriate for the 50th anniversary and was obviously preceded by a giant that would have been difficult to outdo even if the show had been developed on a less restrictive timeline.

Vinnie Mac4 days ago

The most major issue that happened to HarmonioUS (during a show too) had nothing to do with the lake water and everything to do with the projections being off centered. That to this day remains the worst showing of anything I've ever seen from Disney.

aladdin20074 days ago

while I agree, if they become a maintenance nightmare and or out of control costs issue I could see them scrapping them sooner. How all of this mess ever got greenlit in the first place Ill never understand. They could have done a phenomenal all new show without those things from the getgo. Lately the majority of new shows are ending up getting scrapped or retooled anyway. Rivers of light lasted how long? harmonious isn't any better, and same with enchantment (which is sounding like its going sayonara next year). Id love to know who got in this company and thought these were good ideas.

ToTBellHop4 days ago

That lake is filled with Dasani, so nothing. Seven Seas Lagoon, on the other hand, is nasty. They used one of these to deal with the alligators a few years back so it’s basically a gator smoothie:

MisterPenguin4 days ago

What could go wrong using lake water in your fountains and spraying it on your floodlights, lasers, and LED screens?

Vinnie Mac4 days ago

I think an Illuminations reboot using the barges is more likely than the barges being completely removed in the next 10 years.

Disney Analyst4 days ago

I mean I’m interested to see what happens, but just don’t see the barges going anywhere in the next 10 years. Management likely sees this as a show platform they can program any show on, so even if Harmonious goes, I see the barges staying.

disneyglimpses4 days ago

The barges in the center of the lagoon are definitely an issue. I do think they’ll get 5 years out of them before scrapping them though; unless they attempt to modify them to store them backstage as originally planned (doubt it). We’ll see how long these things hold up. If maintenance becomes an issue, they’ll go sooner than later.

mattpeto5 days ago

I think it makes too much sense not to, but I guess we will see.

jrhwdw5 days ago

I'd like to think Epcot isn't forgetting July 4th but that doesn't look like it's confirmed yet. We know Celebrate America at MK is now.

TDLFan5 days ago

What about the Peace on Earth tag for Festival of the Holidays? Any chance we'll see it this year? ( or a new tag?)

jrhwdw5 days ago

Is an Epcot Tag in the works for the 40th??????

Vinnie Mac5 days ago

I agree. So far I absolutely love HarmonioUS and it has been a joy to see it grow on people and improve over time. I do think that some day, there could and should be a show that utilizes the visual impressiveness of HarmonioUS and combines it with ROE levels of storytelling and emotion. That would be a truly perfect show and one of I've conceptualized in my head since I first saw HarmonioUS in person.