Crews continue new hardware setup for the Magic Kingdom's new nighttime show 'Disney Enchantment'

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Posted: Wednesday September 1, 2021 9:23am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With exactly one month to go until the debut of 'Disney Enchantment' at Magic Kingdom, installation crews are still working on the rooftops of Main Street U.S.A. on the new lighting systems for the show.


For the first time at Magic Kingdom, the nighttime show will extend from Cinderella Castle to the end of Main Street U.S.A. with projections on the buildings.

All new hardware has been installed throughout Main Street U.S.A. to enable the projections.

"Disney Enchantment" features characters, moments, and music from dozens of Disney and Pixar animated films and debuts October 1 as part of "The World's Most Magical Celebration."

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TrainChasers3 hours ago

Agreed. I could see not doing a full on Remember show (although I think it would be more popular than Disney management thinks) - but to ignore all of the classic theme park music? Seems odd.

MisterPenguin4 hours ago

"You can do magic, you can have anything that you desire." - America

Disorbust4 hours ago

It probably was phone In literally since everyone has been furloughed or virtual for the pat 18 months

Sir_Cliff9 hours ago

I have said this elsewhere, but the whole campaign reads as being somewhat phoned in by marketing. It feels almost like they have brought in an outside marketing firm that has just shrugged and said "Disney's branding is all about magic, right? How about The World's Most Magical Celebration? A 50th anniversary is the gold one, isn't it? What about gold statues of Disney characters? A new fireworks show could also work. These are just usually collections of songs from the films, right?" I don't really detect much care or thought in any of the things they are doing so far. It really all feels like a campaign that could have been dreamt up by people who only had a passing knowledge of Disney World and hadn't necessarily even been there.

gerarar9 hours ago

Here’s a clip from tonight’s testing with music added on. Lots of HEA shells being reused in this segment, will be interesting to see in a couple months (after HEA stockpile runs out) if those shells remain or are replaced with specialized shells designed/picked specifically for it.

yensidtlaw196910 hours ago

It's the kind of thing that furthers my belief that Walt Disney World is seriously lacking in the Master Planning department - how good would "YOU Are The Magic" have been for a show like the Projection Show from a few years back that featured Photos of Guests on the Castle? Could no one have forseen during the planning stages that the musical bookend of "Happily Ever After" was a strong enough contender for a big, golden anniversary campaign, and maybe should either have been kept in their pocket for the time being or planned to be still be used during that milestone? I mean, I was as ready as anyone for Wishes to be replaced with something shiny and new, but it IS weird that they finally pushed through a new show just a few short years before the 50th, when they were obviously gonna have interest in offering a new fireworks show for the anniversary. Not to mention the weirdness of swapping it out for a fireworks show that assumes the viewers have a stronger connection to, like, "Onward" than to, say, Its A Small World. You'd think anyone who spent thousands of dollars to come to Walt Disney World (and during the 50th Anniversary) could be relied on to have SOME love for Walt Disney World. Even if it happened to be their first trip, summing up the joy of the day in the park is still a solid move. So far basically every offering for the 50th Anniversary REEKS of "New Management" - you'd never guess that anyone currently in charge had actually witnessed any meaningful portion of the 50 years supposedly being celebrated. I understand that plans had to change in the wake of the Pandemic, but it really feels as if the 50th somehow caught them by surprise. At least ONE component of the celebration should actually suggest they're in touch with what Walt Disney World has been about this whole time.

Sir_Cliff10 hours ago

Yeah, these songs are what they are and I don't expect anything life changing. This tagline of this one just hits me as particularly empty and pandering. As a tagline for the 50th overall I don't think it would work like, say, Remember the Magic did. As you say, if I'm the magic, why am I wasting my time and money on a trip to Disney World? Disney should be paying me! As far as they go, I didn't actually mind the lyrics to Happily Ever After. The notion of finding your own version of happily ever after through the choices you make in your life is not actually a bad one. You Are the Magic just has "You're all winners!" vibes. We'll see what it all sounds like when we see and hear the whole thing, but I have to be honest and say I do cringe every time I hear that "You are the Magic!" tagline in these videos.

Giss Neric13 hours ago

I think that was the pop version of the song. Happily Ever After as a song is kinda meh too but when you make the song orchestral it works somehow. The blend of the orchestra and the choir singing makes the song much better and I think this will be the same.

TrainChasers15 hours ago

Couldn’t really go wrong with any of them. Great shows.

Cre8iveN8ive15 hours ago

If I’m not mistaken, I believe the initial run was around 16 months (close enough to 18 ;) ) and then it came back for about a 3 month run in 2019.

yensidtlaw196915 hours ago

I had been wondering what the musical "tagline" would be for the 50th, trying to predict what new "magic" catchphrase they would come up with. This seems about as trite as one might expect. Can't help but wonder what I'm paying thousands of dollars for if *I* was the magic all along . . . ya know? Wasn't thinking it'd be anything life changing, but yeah, feels like they could have done better.

TrainChasers15 hours ago

Magical was in there as well. Plus the holiday shows. Disneyland Forever ran for a good 18 months didn’t it? (And then returned thankfully!)

mikejs7815 hours ago

"You are the key to unlocking your own magic" - Happily Ever After

brb100615 hours ago

"You are the magic!" - Rafiki, from the Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary Parade circa 1996