Marquee Unveiled for New Country Bear Musical Jamboree at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Wednesday July 10, 2024 7:33am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has shared a first look at the new Country Bear Musical Jamboree marquee sign.

For comparison here is a look at the previous marquee.

The new show, opening July 17, will feature fresh twangin’ interpretations of treasured Disney songs in different genres of country music including bluegrass, pop-country, Americana, rockabilly and more.

Paying homage to the musical revues of Nashville, Walt Disney Imagineering worked with some of the best in country music, including country legend and 10-time Country Music Awards “Musician of the Year” Mac McAnally. For the voice of the beloved bear, Trixie St. Claire, country singer Emily Ann Roberts added her twangy vocals to “Try Everything” from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Zootopia.” Singer-songwriter Allison Russel and musician Chris Thile shared their talents for Wendell and Teddi Barra’s sweet rendition of “A Whole New World.” On top of debuting an all-new setlist, the bears will don some new threads worthy of the epic comeback they are making. 

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TrainsOfDisney34 minutes ago

Country Bear Jamboree and a photo of Big Al appeared in Colbert’s monologue tonight! Hooray for the bears - they are making the talk shows!

J.E.Smith2 hours ago

I read on one wiki that Roger Craig Smith (Sonic The Hedgehog!) is Melvin in this show. Do we have confirmation of that elsewhere?(If it is Roger, I can't tell from the voice alone. I'm used to hearing him as Sonic, and I haven't heard him do a low, goofy country voice like that)

The Chatbox Ghost3 hours ago

Whichever of the two it is, they did a spot on impression of Pete Renaday! Still curious if they reached out to him or not. EDIT: Just saw it was AJ!

Stitchon3 hours ago

A.J. LoCascio confirmed he's the voice of Henry, with Issac Robinson-Smith as Sammy:

J.E.Smith3 hours ago

I'm wondering if there will be more bear shows after this. I wonder if the reason they didn't go with Peter Renaday for Musical Jamboree, with him being 89 now, is so Henry could have a new consistent voice actor in place if they do more shows down the road, in case something happens to Pete?

IanDLBZF3 hours ago

I have to admit, they did a pretty good job with this and I am impressed especially with the lobby. The songs are super catchy and everything and got my feet stopping, and the audience clapping along even singing along at some points. I am going to take a point off for them not leaving in “Blood on the saddle” but hey, it is what it is! The Country Bears are back and that’s what matters most! Overall: 8/10 Also, unpopular opinion time - OLC PLEASE BRING THIS TO TOKYO DISNEYLAND I SWEAR!

Sneakman5 hours ago

I If it’s A.J., he was also the guy who did figment in Disney speedstorm. Pretty interesting. Tbh I’m not a fan of his figment, I kidna like Dave’s voice better. Also gambit in x men 97.

BagOfGroceries5 hours ago

It seems our new Henry is either David Loucks or A.J. LoCascio, going off the soundtrack album

Sneakman5 hours ago

Who? What? I’m new to this?

Ronnie Sanford5 hours ago

Never do nothing Ray Smale must be crying tears in his wine tonight. His department had to pony up cash for the new Country Bear duds.

Centauri Space Station6 hours ago

Like with carribbean plaza just around the TBA area. From the outpost to the train station

TrainsOfDisney6 hours ago

At WDW? Where would it start and end?

Centauri Space Station6 hours ago

i think a new orleans mini land would fit better for TBA that critter country

𝕴𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖊𝖗977 hours ago

They took portions of that one piece of concept art and cut it up for the poster, with a few changes. I wish they could have just drawn new art. The poster looks nice, but WHY did they just reuse Henry and others? Couldn't they have drawn something new?