Cirque du Soleil Drawn to Life debuts at Walt Disney World

Nov 19, 2021 in "Cirque du Soleil"

Drawn to Life show
Posted: Friday November 19, 2021 7:45pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney and Cirque du Soleil celebrated the opening of the new show 'Drawn to Life' earlier this evening at Walt Disney World's Disney Springs.

Drawn to Life, written and directed by Michel Laprise with Fabrice Becker as Director of Creation, is a live acrobatic journey telling the story of Julie, a determined girl who discovers an unexpected gift left by her Disney Animator father: an unfinished animation. As she dives into the inner world of animation guided by a surprising pencil, Julie embarks on an inspiring quest filled with her childhood Disney memories. Developed in partnership with Michael Jung, Executive Theatrical Development, Walt Disney Imagineering along with Walt Disney Animation Studios, the story is driven by 10 unique acrobatic acts alongside animation from beloved Disney films. In addition, the show features all-new animation created by Disney artists led by Animation Director Eric Goldberg, best known for characters such as the Genie in the Disney Animation classic “Aladdin.”

Drawn to Life is the 50th production created by Cirque du Soleil and its premiere coincides with the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary celebration. With an international cast of 62 artists, Drawn to Life will perform Tuesday through Saturday at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.

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Watch the video below for highlights from the show and a look at the acts you will see in Drawn to Life.

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brb1006Jul 13, 2023

Cirque Du Soleil's Official Youtube Channel just posted this short 2D animation of the main characters from "Drawn to Life" today.

CompedJun 27, 2023

Can't be good sign for their capacity then... Even at $59, I'd not take the chance personally.

ToTBellHopJun 26, 2023

There’s a new deal for summer. Tix as low as $59!

WondersOfLifeJun 06, 2023

I'm so glad I wasn't working pirates when that happened 😂

cranbizJun 05, 2023

You figured out my secret. 2 funny stories. The first one was when we went on Pirates. Our line had a large number of Pooh sized guests and they all ended up in our boat. Everything went well until the boat got stuck at the chase scene. Eventually the ride needed to be shut down and maintenance came to free the boat. We all got out, the boat was freed up and we all reboarded the boat. We then floated the rest of the ride but with the audio shut off. All the audio except the donkey braying. We keep in touch still and every call has at least one hee haw said in it. I (and them) never looked at Pirates the same way again. The second did involve Small World. We were on it and had just entered the goodbye room and the ride went down but the audio was never shut off. 45 minutes later the ride track restarts but I now know goodbye in many different languages. Yes, those friends never want to be on Small World again.

MisterPenguinJun 05, 2023

Were you making them go on It's a Small World with you each time?

cranbizJun 05, 2023

So much like. When I was a CM, the people who sucked up to me for comp admission were the ones that I quickly figured out what they were up to and only got in once (if at all). My genuine friends were invited much more frequently and were known to politely decline once in a while.

WondersOfLifeJun 05, 2023

Mmmm. I'm sure you don't mean any harm by this post. As a former DCP employee, we will hate you even more as soon as we realize you're using us for discounts and perks. And we pick up on it fast. It was suuuuuuuuper annoying. Lol 😂 It should be "Ask your CM friends if they want to go see Cirque" instead of "Make some CM friends" But that's a discussion for another time.

DznyGrlSDJun 05, 2023

Make friends with your fellow castmembers. They are (finally) offering us a discount on the shows!

WondersOfLifeJun 04, 2023

Just saw the show with the updates. Fourth time seeing this show now. Holy guacamole it was great!! The new act with the feet tumblers was a lot more entertaining that the two guys that used to come out on stilts. Also, it wasn't just an added scene that has been changed. They updated a lot of the projections, such as the scene with the two people tossing each other on the high wheel. That same scene also added other elements I didn't recognize the first two times I saw the show. They also added MORE to what they already had. More interactions and scene bits during the Cirque acts to keep you engaged... I think I must have caught a very energetic cast. There was a group of high school or college boys of about 200 or so tonight. So I'm wondering if that sparked some energy up in the cast. All that said.... Very good changes and additions! Loved it even more! I've seen this show four times now... 3 out of those 4 are because I'm a children's theatre director. So I take my students to go see the show. It's fantastic!

PrinceCharming617May 13, 2023

I'm glad you liked it buddy.

SaucyBoyMay 12, 2023

There are some valid critiques of the show. However, Drawn to Life is the perfect example of how blending Disney IP into another world can work well. It seems both parties have taken steps to improve the show by adding new acts earlier this year. I am looking forward to seeing how it's evolved later this summer.

PrinceCharming617May 12, 2023

I had to comment, I couldn't leave this thread at 666 for replies. hahaha I've heard this show isn't very good from a couple of people. They've said It doesn't seem to have the magic that the other ones have had. I'll give it a chance with my good friend Mary Jane though, she always makes them better.