Cirque du Soleil Drawn to Life debuts at Walt Disney World

Nov 19, 2021 in "Cirque du Soleil"

Drawn to Life show
Posted: Friday November 19, 2021 7:45pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney and Cirque du Soleil celebrated the opening of the new show 'Drawn to Life' earlier this evening at Walt Disney World's Disney Springs.

Drawn to Life, written and directed by Michel Laprise with Fabrice Becker as Director of Creation, is a live acrobatic journey telling the story of Julie, a determined girl who discovers an unexpected gift left by her Disney Animator father: an unfinished animation. As she dives into the inner world of animation guided by a surprising pencil, Julie embarks on an inspiring quest filled with her childhood Disney memories. Developed in partnership with Michael Jung, Executive Theatrical Development, Walt Disney Imagineering along with Walt Disney Animation Studios, the story is driven by 10 unique acrobatic acts alongside animation from beloved Disney films. In addition, the show features all-new animation created by Disney artists led by Animation Director Eric Goldberg, best known for characters such as the Genie in the Disney Animation classic “Aladdin.”

Drawn to Life is the 50th production created by Cirque du Soleil and its premiere coincides with the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary celebration. With an international cast of 62 artists, Drawn to Life will perform Tuesday through Saturday at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.

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Watch the video below for highlights from the show and a look at the acts you will see in Drawn to Life.

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SaucyBoy1 day ago

This is a much better schedule.

wdwmagic1 day ago

Drawn to Life Presented by Cirque du Soleil and Disney announces new performance schedule for 2023 including new matinee show times

WDWmazprty14 days ago

I really loved seeing La Nouba back in 2000...All the Cirque shows are incredible and I think La Nouba will always be my favorite. I'm excited to see how this new one will be.

IMDREWAug 18, 2022

I went about a month ago and I didn't get the windmill act. Apart from that we only had 3 out of the usually 5 guys doing the jumps and movement on the big piece of paper. A few of the cast members wore masks in the show. I do know Cirque always makes its shows as a plug and play, its not easy finding backup performers for certain acts, as you can imagine.

WondersOfLifeAug 10, 2022

That's what I figured. It did not diminish the quality of the show, if you were not aware. :-)

DznyGrlSDAug 10, 2022

I was there opening night then back again a few days later. What you described seeing recently is the full cast. I would assume they had a Covid outbreak

WondersOfLifeAug 10, 2022

Question... Was there a hybrid show like BATB was during the pandemic with a smaller cast??? Or did I just see a show where 1/3 of the cast got COVID or something?? Because I watched it again today... And instead of 2 owls (only one of the two windmills was used) there was like 6 of them!! Also, the act with the huge bunch of ladies at the end wasn't performed at all when I saw it in June.. AND we only had 4 rubber band people in June, but this time there was like 8! Maybe we just caught them on a bad day where "the show must go on!" What's really funny is I thought that "condensed" show was great in and of itself. So today was a pleasant surprise!

SaucyBoyAug 06, 2022

People are allowed to not like something. While I enjoyed it, there’s a lot of room for improvement that I hope happens if it doesn’t shutter within the next two years.

SaucyBoyAug 06, 2022

….said no one ever? This show is a major flop and despite personally enjoying it, to deny that is living in a world of delusion.

WondersOfLifeAug 06, 2022

I for one was blown away by this show. I got 8 tickets for my trip this coming week, taking the in-laws and my friend from LA to see it! It was honestly the best part of my last trip. To criticize this show in the way some ignorant folks here are saying is ludicrous. Also, criticism from people who haven't seen this show is stupid.

brb1006Aug 06, 2022

What about Tokyo? At least some of their daytime parades and shows give more love to Disney's obscure abd lesser-known properties.

Animaniac93-98Aug 06, 2022

"Disney" has become extremely narrow in its focus and content. Every show/parade/fireworks globally uses the same characters, songs and movies, resulting in a very repetitive experience. I have no interest in paying through the nose to see an acrobatic variation of these same tired messages. La Nouba was at least unique, both as a Cirque production and as a piece of entertainment in WDW. I guess we should be grateful we didn't get stuck with Cirque du Toy Story. I bet if they dropped the price substantially they'd have an easier time filling seats, but maybe not paying for rent and the cost of production.

wdwmagicAug 05, 2022

Animated Evenings at Walt Disney World combine Cirque du Soleil and prix fixe menus at more than a dozen Disney Springs restaurants

SaucyBoyJul 24, 2022

No I can’t blame them. Just like I can’t blame Cirque fans for thinking there is not enough Cirque.