Cirque du Soleil confirms the suspension of Drawn to Life previews at Disney Springs

Mar 17, 2020 in "Cirque du Soleil"

Cirque du Soleil has today confirmed the suspension to the start of preview performances of its new Disney Springs show - Drawn to Life.

The show as originally planned to begin on March 20. See the full release from Cirque du Soleil below:

In light of current events, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group announces today the temporary suspension of the start of preview performances of Drawn to Life at Disney Springs which was planned for March 20. This action follows the postponement of numerous Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group shows worldwide in recent days and takes into consideration the most current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the escalation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

From the very beginning of the new coronavirus outbreak, the Group took rigorous measures to protect its work teams and the public. Our priority has always been, and remains, the health and safety of our artists, our partners, our employees and our audiences. We will continue to monitor and assess the situation to determine when the show previews will start.

Customers who purchased tickets for an impacted performance will be contacted by their point of sale.

For updated information about all Cirque du Soleil shows, visit as well as our social media pages accessible via the buttons below.

If you have any questions about Cirque du Soleil resident shows, including Drawn to Life, please write to

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Article Posted: Mar 17, 2020 / 4:42pm ET
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Sirwalterraleigh12 minutes ago

I’ve stopped really caring about those that can’t make intelligent choices. I’m tired too...I’ve paused almost everything...I had to do response work when we didn’t know about how dangerous this kids have had to alter their development for a year. I’m all for the “common goal”...but the ME in me is now saying “shut up and achieve the common goal” Throttle down

Sirwalterraleigh15 minutes ago

...not by intelligent design: This is something that will never get credit...but it’s a good thing the “flashpoints” last year were in Washington, New York, California, New Jersey... Even with the major screwups of the governors in some of those states (one was going to be he won’t. His career is over. Another lost all his credibility as well)...I can’t imagine the catastrophe if it had started in Florida or Texas. I’m not implying anything...I’m saying it.

dizneyingaffect35 minutes ago

Unfortunately many people don't realize that cases drop in spite of those behaviors, not inconsequentially.

dizneyingaffect37 minutes ago

I'm not very optimistic about convincing people to get their third and fourth shots. Future surveys/polls about booster shots or willingness to take annual or biannual shots might be interesting.

Sirwalterraleigh41 minutes ago

Yep...but I’m cool with 2 shots. Arms out!! Nope...don’t expect massless magic kingdom and a 4,000 calorie buffet at crystal palace this year... Then that’s something we better “get a look at”, huh?

Touchdown50 minutes ago

But yet our bars are packed, well at least our cases continue to drop.

matt911252 minutes ago

Ive flown up and down a few times and yall are wild...people masking up riding bicycles down the street.

matt91121 hour ago

Thats not how politics work. Hes using his credibility gained during the trump era to become more opinion like and less fact like. Educated guess says hes sort of been nudged to act this way. Remember when everyone was bashing trump and saying listen to fauci listen to fauci....cashing in on that now. But alass hes only human too.

SamusAranX1 hour ago

Yep. Pretty much 99 percent of politicians are corrupt, and even the best intentioned governments, both state and National, have screwed up. That’s why I have no faith in them.

dizneyingaffect1 hour ago

Their data isn't suspect, and their numbers are much better than Florida. Deaths are the most important #.

mmascari1 hour ago

It’s tracked with lots of demographic stats, that doses were given. But, is the state system able to link it specifically to a person? And, what kind of access do they support for third parties to check it? There’s usually lots of work done to create anonymous demographic stats and not be able to tie it to a person. School districts don’t just call the state, they ask parents to send in records. It’s not like we have a national or state medical record tied to people. Even if we had a national health system, that would probably freak people out. The VA has this for veterans. There’s a big difference between the state knowing they gave a person with X characteristics a dose and they specifically gave you a dose. The appointment system for the group that gave it to you would, but that’s not just the state. Same questions about what’s tracked in the state system? Especially if it wasn’t the state that administered the dose. The CDC card is great at letting a person know what they got, and letting them track their own health. It’s a crapshoot at proving to a third party that you really got the vaccine.

Touchdown1 hour ago


SamusAranX1 hour ago

I love good conspiracy theories!

GimpYancIent1 hour ago

New York gets an "F" in Truth, Honesty, Transparency and MATH!