Repainting gets underway on the Cirque du Soleil theater at Disney Springs

May 11, 2021 in "Cirque du Soleil"

Cirque du Soleil painting - May 11 2021
Posted: Tuesday May 11, 2021 10:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Cirque du Soleil theater at Disney Springs is being repainted ahead of its planned reopening later this year.

Painting crews are using high-reach lifts to begin prepping for the paint work.

"Drawn to Life,"  that was set to open in Spring 2020 at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World, and was just days away from opening when the COVID-19 shutdown began. Asked recently by the LA Times about "Drawn to Life," Cirque CEO Daniel Lamarre said, "We should be able to open sometime in the fall."

We understand that limited rehearsals have been taking place among small groups of performers at the Cirque theater in Disney Springs.

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DznyGrlSD6 days ago

When I worked at La Nouba (YEARS ago) Disney ran the box office and if something like that came up, we - on a case by case basis - would issue refunds. Cirque will be running the box office for Drawn To Life so I can't say what their "policies" will be.

ilovetotravel19777 days ago

When they announce, I really hope tickets don‘t go on sale until the fall. Canada is still locked down a d I am sure there are no refunds for tickets.

DznyGrlSD7 days ago

Any updates? I know they've been training but do we have ANY timeline?

ilovetotravel1977May 14, 2021

I wonder if they will be inline with pre-covid prices?

DznyGrlSDMay 14, 2021

Any inkling on when they'll start selling tickets again?

Benjamin_NicholasMay 13, 2021

The cast has been training within their pods for the last several weeks. They're returning to dress status today. The show needs to be re-teched a little based on some additions.

ilovetotravel1977May 13, 2021

Hmm. okay. Maybe I will just assume I will need a credit card to purchase tickets online. Thanks!

wdwmagicMay 13, 2021

Small groups have been back for a while now doing rehearsals. So not sure if they are referring to the entire cast or not.

Bob HarlemMay 13, 2021

Take it for what it's worth, but rumor has it that cast members are being called back to Cirque du Soleil Drawn to Life as of this morning, according to the Ear for Each other facebook group.

Jon81ukMay 13, 2021

Not certain on gift cards, but we had a credit on our room account last trip and the only way we could buy cirque tickets and do it as a room account charge was in person at the box office. Not even the front desk at the hotel could, they had to do credit card. But in person at the box office they had the magic band readers. So it’s quite likely the same will be true with Disney gift cards.

ilovetotravel1977May 12, 2021

Can we use WDW gift cards to pay for Cirque tickets when booking online? I have never been to Cirque at Disney Springs, so no clue how that all works.

jt04May 11, 2021

Nice, they usually wait until it gets worse.

ilovetotravel1977May 10, 2021

When they say "fall", does end of November / early December sound like that timeframe? (*crosses fingers*)
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