Cirque du Soleil Store reopens at Disney Springs

Nov 05, 2021 in "Cirque du Soleil"

Cirque du Soleil gift shop November 2021
Posted: Friday November 5, 2021 8:35m ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Cirque du Soleil Store has reopened at Disney Springs as the theater prepares to premiere the all-new 'Drawn to Life' show on November 18.

Inside the Cirque store you will find a range of merchandise from the company, including shirts, books, gift items and merchandise from the upcoming 'Drawn to Life' show.

More 'Drawn to Life' merchandise will be available in the store over the coming months.

You can find the Cirque du Soleil theater on the West Side at Disney Springs, with parking available at the Orange Garage, and later in the day, at the surface lot. Learn more about 'Drawn to Life' opening November 18 2021 at Walt Disney World.

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mf197223 days ago

comparing drawn to life & la nouba, drawn isn’t a bad show. we obviously expected something different & felt entertained, but la nouba is the superior show. i’d say it had a better wow factor to it.

TrainsOfDisney23 days ago

The cradle act is actually very impressive and way more difficult than the floor act, but I agree it doesn’t come across as more impressive. To me, that’s simply not an act and shouldn’t be given that slot in the show with such major production elements. Certainly the original concept was to have an actual act there… right?

MisterPenguin23 days ago

Yes. I like it better the second time I saw it last month. Seems they relied more heavily on the artistic dance supported by the wire than pretending they're doing strength moves -- which they ain't, because of the wire. I found this and the swings to be pretty weak. The lady flung into the air doesn't do any aerial flips or twists that are more impressive than what the floor exercise act does. If you have a gimmick to be thrown into the air, you should be doing more difficult skills than what the other acrobats are doing unaided. E.g. the rubber band men on the teeter totters do more difficult skills than the floor acrobats. The show needs a trampoline act to replace those two IMO weak acts.

TrainsOfDisney24 days ago

Has the husband / wife dancing always been a magic trick with just the 2 people? The lighting and music suggests that should have been a much bigger act as well. I also wish they would have done the cradle low enough they didn’t need a safety and brought it out into the ring. That’s a super impressive act that gets lost in the staging.

SaucyBoy24 days ago

Good thoughts that echo mine to an extent. Totally agree about the Russian Swing act being lackluster, those acts are meant to be adrenaline pumping and this one falls flat. But once you've seen Varekai's, O's, and Luzia's versions, it's hard to top. I think Drawn to Life has so much to offer and I hope Cirque and Disney give it time to truly bloom. It's a very different style of Cirque that I don't think a lot of the diehards were ready to accept yet it's still a bit too "out there" for the normal audience.

TrainsOfDisney24 days ago

Just saw the show for the first time. Overall it’s very enjoyable but I felt there were quite a lot of solo acts vs. previous Cirque shows like La Nouba. I was expecting more aerial acts as well, the solo Pencil / Pole is the only aerial act in the show really unless you count the cradle. I LOVED the wheel of death with Old Mill - that was a perfect blend of true classic Disney animation and really amazing circus. Teeterboard was also a stand out. They must have gotten the cheapest Russian swing act they could find… it was really really lacking and definitely wasn’t strong enough to close the show. It’s a beautiful show - I’d definitely see it again especially as casts rotate.

SaucyBoyOct 06, 2022

This is a much better schedule.

wdwmagicOct 06, 2022

Drawn to Life Presented by Cirque du Soleil and Disney announces new performance schedule for 2023 including new matinee show times

WDWmazprtySep 23, 2022

I really loved seeing La Nouba back in 2000...All the Cirque shows are incredible and I think La Nouba will always be my favorite. I'm excited to see how this new one will be.

IMDREWAug 18, 2022

I went about a month ago and I didn't get the windmill act. Apart from that we only had 3 out of the usually 5 guys doing the jumps and movement on the big piece of paper. A few of the cast members wore masks in the show. I do know Cirque always makes its shows as a plug and play, its not easy finding backup performers for certain acts, as you can imagine.

WondersOfLifeAug 10, 2022

That's what I figured. It did not diminish the quality of the show, if you were not aware. :-)

DznyGrlSDAug 10, 2022

I was there opening night then back again a few days later. What you described seeing recently is the full cast. I would assume they had a Covid outbreak

WondersOfLifeAug 10, 2022

Question... Was there a hybrid show like BATB was during the pandemic with a smaller cast??? Or did I just see a show where 1/3 of the cast got COVID or something?? Because I watched it again today... And instead of 2 owls (only one of the two windmills was used) there was like 6 of them!! Also, the act with the huge bunch of ladies at the end wasn't performed at all when I saw it in June.. AND we only had 4 rubber band people in June, but this time there was like 8! Maybe we just caught them on a bad day where "the show must go on!" What's really funny is I thought that "condensed" show was great in and of itself. So today was a pleasant surprise!

SaucyBoyAug 06, 2022

People are allowed to not like something. While I enjoyed it, there’s a lot of room for improvement that I hope happens if it doesn’t shutter within the next two years.