Captain Hook and Mr Smee meet and greet coming to the Magic Kingdom for a limited time

Jan 30, 2018 in "Character Meet and Greets at the Magic Kingdom"

Captain Hook and Mr Smee
Posted: Tuesday January 30, 2018 9:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Peter Pan movie, Captain Hook and Mr Smee will appearing for a limited time at the Magic Kingdom.

Beginning February 4 through to February 10 2018, the duo will appear for meet and greets in Fantasyland intermittently from 9am to 6:15pm, with PhotoPass on-hand to capture the moment.

PhotoPass will also be offering special Magic Shots, including a shot with Peter Pan's shadow, an the addition of your very own fairy wings.

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dreamfinderFeb 06, 2018

Sounds like you stumbled into a training session.

MaximumEdFeb 06, 2018

We got lucky and met them and several other characters last spring at Epcot. They were all lined up kind of hidden on that little side street between The American Adventure and Italy.

Mizner92Feb 06, 2018

Between the village haus and storytime with belle.

RadeksgrlFeb 06, 2018

Has anyone seen them yet this week? If so, where exactly are they in Fantasyland?

brb1006Jan 30, 2018

Same with Lady Tremaine (I think she returned?) and the Fairy Godmother if my memory is correct.

brb1006Jan 30, 2018

At least it happens at Disneyland Paris and Disneyland occasionally.

champdisneyJan 30, 2018

I wasn't even aware of this cut. Good grief!

THE Monorail LimeJan 30, 2018

Minnie's not all ways female..........

Captain BarbossaJan 30, 2018

The last time I met Hook and Smee at Toruga Tavern, was very memorable. We were in line, maybe two families ahead of us, and a little boy (bout 7 I'd say) went up to hook with his sword in hand and challenged Hook to a fight. Now sometimes Hook would have a sword and sometimes he wouldn't. Well this particular time he did. So, Hook gladly accepted the challenge and the two began to go at each other. It was all good fun until Hook let his guard down and the boy smacked him right in his.... um well... cannonballs. That was the only time I've seen a CM break character. Hook dropped to the ground and grabbed his crotch. Sure did feel bad for the guy. So, I don't think we'll be seeing any sword fights during their upcoming appearances.

Fox&HoundJan 30, 2018

Wow talk about a limited time- geesh....still think they should alternate random/rare characters in Pete’s Silly Slideshow tent space so you never know who you will meet. It would be such a draw and a better use of the space...

raymusiccityJan 30, 2018

Agreed. This just reminds everyone how much more magical things were not too long ago. We met with them a few years ago, just like you said, right next to the Tavern. Peter Pan would occasionally come by to give them a hard time!

drew81Jan 30, 2018

Did someone already start the line?

brb1006Jan 30, 2018

They formely were before the character cuts over the years.

Vipor51Jan 30, 2018

These two should be added permanently.