Moana, Mirabel and Figment meet and greet details confirmed for Walt Disney World

15 days ago in "Character Meet and Greets at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Wednesday March 15, 2023 8:34am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has this morning confirmed several new character meet and greets coming to Walt Disney World later this year.

Beginning April 22, Moana will greet fellow voyagers on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – just in time for the park’s 25th anniversary.

Fans of Figment will get the chance to hug the long-time EPCOT icon at the Imagination! pavilion beginning late summer.

Mickey Mouse and friends will also have a new home at Communicore Hall opening later this year as part of the EPCOT transformation.

And, at Magic Kingdom Park this fall, Mirabel from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ hit film “Encanto” will greet guests in Fairytale Garden surrounded by whimsical décor inspired by La Familia Madrigal.

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brb10065 days ago

Still better than Mickey Go Local

Brer Panther8 days ago

I know, but it's such an obvious comparison.

WDWFREAK538 days ago

To me this looks more like Ren & Stimpy than Mickey & Minnie.

Cmdr_Crimson8 days ago

I think this was one of the funnier shorts with the best ending for reasons...🤣

brb10068 days ago

Actually the Paul Rudish Mickey shorts predated the Jellystone series.

Brer Panther9 days ago

Yes. Because it didn't resort to "LOL ICONIC CARTOON CHARACTER ACTS DEMENTED OR MAKES A CREEPY OVER-THE-TOP EXPRESSION" to get a laugh every five seconds.

Stumpos9 days ago

Well if you find these shorts bad, how would you make a good all ages show that features the Mickey and Friends characters? Heck, did Mickey Mouse Works do a better job trying to give the Mickey and Friends gang a more comedic edge and being a new take on Mickey Mouse and why?

Brer Panther9 days ago

That's the entire joke of these shorts. That it's Mickey Mouse and his friends acting like demented out of character lunatics. It's funny because you wouldn't expect Mickey to look like this: Or for Minnie to look like this: It's the Disney equivalent of Jellystone! - just have an iconic cartoon character do or say something out-of-character and presto! Instant laughs.

rodnyh9 days ago

A little off topic... I was very sad on 2009 approximately when a Cast member told me that the Magic Kingdom Toontown was going to be demolished to be Storybook circus now. I remember the extremely hard characters they used for the translation pop up behind Mickey's House that you can see the feet of the characters that were going to be used those day. Now they use the Epcot spot for pop up with the same regular characters. Ugh!! Ahhh...nostalgic moments On topic- I am not a fan of face characters (except Hercules) but nice to see Mirabel, Moana, and Figment brought to be meet able. Hope they bring more characters not only for Moonlight Magic but for the everyday park visits

HauntedPirate10 days ago

I believe I read something similar back in the day. Not sure if it was specifically around DL's 50th but I think the story is true that TDO was laughing at TDA for their spending and how much smarter they claimed to be.

yensidtlaw196910 days ago

Isn't it true that somewhere around DL's 50th or something a whole host of WDW representatives visited the resort and were laughing and commenting within earshot of guests about the ridiculous excess of the DL and how much smarter they are for refusing such indulgences? I forget exactly where I heard that story, but that it was so easy to believe is probably telling enough.

Inspired Figment11 days ago

You all should remember Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were never supposed to be along the likes of Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry. They were distinctly Disney. More playful & lighthearted as a whole regarding tone, but still very funny & witty regarding its gags & banter. Otherwise just say you don’t like Mickey & Friends and be done with it. What Rudish should’ve learned and what Disney as a whole should’ve learned from Clubhouse. We want Mickey, not Barney & Dora, nor Ren & Stimpy. Classic Disney humor, storytelling & personality. Well-roundedness matters, ‘that’ is how a character or group of characters last long term & appeal to all ages. ‘Not’ the other way around. ‘That’ approach ultimately has a short term shelf life 99.9% of the time.

Inspired Figment11 days ago

Certainly has a better balance of humor & emotion than Clubhouse or Rudish combined. Not quite ‘as’ much humor or anger per say from the characters as they should & can have (Particularly from Donald, he should have more of a temper).. but it’s ‘very’ close to getting it right, mostly. Though keep in mind, this venture is more story driven than just gags.

Cmdr_Crimson11 days ago

Really shows it in the Musketeers movie..