Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny appearing for meet and greet at the Magic Kingdom

Apr 12, 2019 in "Character Meet and Greets at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday April 12, 2019 9:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny are now appearing for a meet and greet at the Magic Kingdom.

The duo will be in the Town Square Courtyard next to City Hall through to April 21 2019.

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ThatMouseApr 16, 2019

Not that I care that much but I always wonder how they compensate outside performers like the Trail Maids. I ask because when our high school marching band went, Disney still made us kids pay for a full park ticket so we declined to waste half our park day to dress up and do the parade. A lot of us had to sell candy and crap just to afford the trip to Orlando.

jrhwdwApr 16, 2019

Thanks Steve!! Sorry if I asked too early!

jrhwdwApr 16, 2019

Thanks! I can never remember if it's normally announced every year or not.

peter11435Apr 16, 2019

Yes. Same as alwaysx

jrhwdwApr 16, 2019

Are we having a Pre Parade this year???? Haven't head anything yet.

KingoglowApr 12, 2019

This is so very secular...

larryzApr 12, 2019

Don't we have enough socio-sexual stereotypes to deal with without forcing yet another Anglo-Saxon gender-based role on innocent rabbits??? :p

ThatMouseApr 12, 2019

So is it the Easter Bunny and his wife, or is it the Easter Bunny and her husband? :angelic: Annnddd go!

eliza61nycApr 12, 2019

Lol, after Rise of the Guardians I'm always disappointed when the Easter bunny doesn't have an Aussie accent. 😁