'Princess and the Frog' Tiana and Naveen meet and greet moves location

Jul 07, 2015 in "Character Meet and Greets at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday July 7, 2015 12:19pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Princess and the Frog meet and greet location at the Magic Kingdom has moved from The Glade to Heritage House in Liberty Square.

Guests can continue to meet both Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen at the indoor location.

Heritage House was previously home to a gift shop, and then later as a MyMagic+ service center.

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FantasmicguyJul 08, 2015


Kman101Jul 07, 2015

Makes sense to use the now empty space for that, I guess. The line is always spilling into the walkway.

Biff215Jul 07, 2015

Any air conditioned meet and greet is always welcome. It's rough enough for guests to stand in the sun, but I feel bad for the characters. I'd have a tough time smiling and staying in character while I was sweating through my shirt!

BocabearJul 07, 2015

Maybe they could move them right into Yesterland....

BoltJul 07, 2015

Restaurant work is happening during operating hours.

Jon81ukJul 07, 2015

Depends what the construction is, how noisy it is, where it is and what materials are involved. The veranda is surrounded by walls so can be done during opening hours, the hub paving is right in the middle of a guest area so needs to be done at night.

Red SoxJul 07, 2015

Huh? I thought they didn't do construction while the park was open... isn't that why replacing concrete and planting some shrubs has taken a year and a half?

BoltJul 07, 2015

Every direction around them, essentially...

Animaniac93-98Jul 07, 2015

+ work on the west side of the hub, and Liberty Tree Tavern, if that's close enough to make noise. (this assumes work was going on when they were out for greets)

Cmdr_CrimsonJul 07, 2015

The Adventureland Viranda is right behind them and they were doing construction there..

NowIncJul 07, 2015

I am sure they are very happy to be out of the heat and into someplace with A/C

Chef KronkJul 07, 2015

Where is this construction taking place?

Cmdr_CrimsonJul 07, 2015

Interesting that they are reusing it again when they were just using the former store for additional seating for Sleepy Hollow...

BoltJul 07, 2015

I assume construction has been quite annoying with all the noise 2 feet away from them.