Mickey and Friends World Tour cavalcade coming to an end at EPCOT

Apr 30, 2021 in "Character Meet and Greets at Epcot"

Mickey and Friends World Tour July 2020
Posted: Friday April 30, 2021 11:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Mickey and Friends World Tour cavalcade will be ending on May 4 2021 to be replaced with character appearances at the main entrance.

The cavalcades were introduced alongside the reopening of the Disney World theme parks in July 2020 as a way to experience characters at a safe distance.

Some characters have already began appearing in static locations, with Goofy and Pluto already at the main entrance. 

Mickey will be joining them from May 5 2021.

Elsewhere in EPCOT, Anna and Elsa are appearing at the Norway pavilion in-front of the Royal Somerhaus. And Alice appears in the garden at the United Kingdom pavilion.

No word yet on the Disney Princess cavalcade that currently circles World Showcase.

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JustinateMay 02, 2021

I dunno about that ... the last time they used an expansion pad for a "temporary" building (World ShowPlace), it's remained there for ages and doesn't look likely to be removed anytime soon.

mm52200May 02, 2021

Well considering they continue to run the princess promenade 7 days a week but it’s too busy to run Mickey and friends on the weekend then yes. Horses and carriage is a little narrower so easier to fit through everything, that and no characters walking on the ground either.

DobergeMay 02, 2021

Is it really easier to get horses through crowds than a vehicle? That doesnt sound right. I'd believe it if someone tried selling Akershus reopening soon and moving princesses back there again behind an effective pay wall.

HairyChestMay 01, 2021

I wasn’t too fond of them. I’d prefer it only at Magic Kingdom. Now if they had cultural reps in them with appropriate music that would be cool.

note2001Apr 30, 2021

I'm cool with this, but EPCOT doesn't need meet and greets at all. Well, I'll make an exception for DreamFinder and Figment.

Brad BishopApr 30, 2021

If only they had several expansion pads which they could add new countries to and maybe use fewer temp-buildings.

mnelson3Apr 30, 2021

Slightly off subject but I wonder if they could do some type of water version of Tapestry/Character daytime show, using the Harmonious screens and fountains during the show. May as well put them to use during the day since their stuck out there for the foreseeable future. Epcot could benefit from some type of daytime show. Additionally they could do Holiday overlays.

WDW_EmilyApr 30, 2021

We actually liked the socially distant meets better than the cavalcades. We meet Anna, Stormtroopers, Chewy, Ray, and Stitch this way. Stitch was the best with three green circles people could stand on for pictures then be on their way. I loved it!

MagicHappens1971Apr 30, 2021

I would assume their anticipating the summer crowds filling up the walkways. As well as a likely small bump in capacity

ABQApr 30, 2021

Is this because they expect the Frozen queue to full up the entire walkway around the lagoon?

DoleWhipDreaApr 30, 2021

I don't know if the fab five are waving to guests by the entrance right now, but with the updated CDC guidelines, I wouldn't be surprised if they would come back to this location. Other characters can be found waving or will sometimes talk to guests behind a barrier at a safe distance, like Queen Anna in Norway or Pooh chasing butterflies with a net near Imagination.

JIMINYCRApr 30, 2021

We were also looking forward to having it appear. And of course it has to end right now when our trip starts on the 4th. Oh well.... just accept having even one less enjoyable experience.

mnelson3Apr 30, 2021

Bummer, I kinda like it in a weird way. In particular the holiday version and the soundtrack lol which yes was from DCA.

arich35Apr 30, 2021

Well that is kind of sad right before our trip. Are any of the Mickey characters around Epcot besides the entrance?