Disney World's character cavalcade showtimes are now listed in My Disney Experience

9 days ago in "Character Meet and Greets at Epcot"

Posted: Monday July 19, 2021 10:11am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Showtimes are now available for Walt Disney World's character cavalcades as their original purpose as a 'surprise and delight' moment fades.

Looking in the My Disney Experience app, the showtimes for the cavalcades are now available at all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

Originally introduced when the theme parks reopened in July 2020, the cavalcades were designed to offer some character interaction with physical distancing enforced. Disney did not publish showtimes to avoid guests crowding along the parade route as they traditionally do ahead of parades.

With social distancing now eliminated at the Disney theme parks, it makes little sense not to publish the times. But with no more COVID restrictions in place, it begs the question of why do we even have cavalcades when full parades and proper meet and greets could be back at the parks.

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castlecake2.02 days ago

are we sure PAC doesn’t like this new style? The people I’ve spoke to much prefer this over the rope/tape/crosswalk/stanchion system with traditional parades.

mnelson32 days ago

That’s true. My point was I think doing some sort of evening parade only would be a little easier on the performers.

Ripken102 days ago

With two under three year old kids we loved the small Cavalcades throughout the day over the parades. We didn't have to try and find a spot for our kids to be able to see (or fight for a spot in advance), and my kids felt like they were getting to see them all to themselves (snow white kept blowing kisses to my son long after she had passed...where in the big crowds you rarely feel that way). I can't say how I would feel later, but certainly at this age these were awesome. I also liked when they were unpredictable as we didn't have to plan on trying to see it, it just happened. Came out of several meals just as one would pass, with no one standing blocking the view. Also agree about how much easier it is getting around the park without a parade. I loved watching the parades, but I also remember how many times getting around the park was a challenge due to a parade.

MorphinePrince2 days ago

If you are too lazy to plan around a parade, you shouldn't be at Disney. By your logic, we need to cancel fireworks to because they're a logistical nightmare. People like you are truly the reason why the park experience is being ruined. I'm sure Cheapit would love to have you on his team :mad:

mm522002 days ago

...cavalcades are during the day so I fail to see your point. Cavalcades are actually much harder on performers and PAC as they’re essentially doing four parades a day, each cast. The PAC cast members now walk alongside the cavalcades the whole route, frantically trying to clear the route, whereas with a normal parade, they’re in one area the whole time. All of this is much harder on the cast.

peter114353 days ago

The parks may feel busy. But overall attendance is still lower than normal.

mnelson33 days ago

Honestly I think they need to cut daytime parades and stick with the cavalcades. The heat the majority of the year is horrible. Evening’s can be hot and humid as well but at least the performers and guests are not dealing with the blazing sun.

Fido Chuckwagon3 days ago

I think you hit the nail on the head here.

Fido Chuckwagon3 days ago

Pretty sure this is a good indication that daytime parades are dead. Cavalcades are much cheaper.

Lil Copter Cap3 days ago

We are in the middle of the busiest season for WDW, minus that of Christmas/specific holidays, and attendance has bounced back. Without full operations of food + retail being utilized, we are seeing crowds being disseminated to the same select few locations, thus causing more overflow than normal. I will say that more places have opened since my last visit and congestion may be less prevalent. I don't know any specific numbers, so my comment may have been inaccurate, however, I do stand by my sentiment that crowds are high. "All-time high" was meant to reference the fact that crowds continue to poor into Magic Kingdom just like summer seasons prior to 2020. 😬

peter114353 days ago


Lil Copter Cap4 days ago

I don't disagree with sentiments expressed as to why parades are not favorable, especially right now with attendance at an all-time high. But this effectively will shoot down any idea of a nighttime parade returning any time soon (if ever). I've never seen a daytime parade at WDW as I prefer to utilize that time for lower wait times on rides, so I'm truly not upset about what is currently being offered. Time will tell, I suppose.

castlecake2.04 days ago

I’m one of those people. Parades are an operational nightmare and clog up the park. They also effectively split the park in half making it difficult to navigate for people not watching the parades. I don’t think it should be a surprise that a lot of other people also prefer this. If they could break FOF into smaller units and send them out intermittently that could be a good win/win/win for everyone.

Nick_A4 days ago

Unfortunately, I have seen plenty of comments from people here and on other pages that they prefer the cavalcades because they’re shorter, don’t take as much time out of their commando style day, and don’t clog up the street for an extended period of time. It’s sad, but true. There are people who feel this way, and that’s who Chapek is currently listening to. (That said, I do think at some point he’ll be bullied into at least giving FoF back.)