Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope meet and greet now located inside Imagination Pavilion

Feb 13, 2019 in "Character Meet and Greets at Epcot"

Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope meet and greet at the Imagination Pavilion
Posted: Wednesday February 13, 2019 11:35am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope meet and greet has today moved from the former Innoventions West to the Imagination pavilion.

Located inside the ImageWorks area at the exit of the Journey into Imagination ride, you can meet both Ralph and Vanellope daily from 9am to 7pm.

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atighe42Feb 14, 2019

I wouldn’t be surprised at all. It’s definitely a valid thought. Especially since that pavilion is probably going to be focused on a younger crowd moving forward.

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 14, 2019

Why do I still have a feeling that WoL will become the new character hub for the majority of M&G's for FW as nothing else seems to be happening to it since the exterior refurb there really isn't a legit kids pavillion. Why not just use The Kidcot name for it....Just a thought...Could be wrong. But, who knows?

atighe42Feb 14, 2019

I think this setup is literally only to supplement the loss of the Innoventions West space. Once that’s done I’m sure a more designated space will take the character M&G’s back.

999th Happy HauntFeb 14, 2019

Not gonna lie, the lighting on the tunnel looks great, pretty cool entrance for characters. If Epcot wants to become this 80s nostalgia park, WiR is a natural fit. Not enough to replace Figment though.

KBLovesDisneyFeb 14, 2019

Yeah. Just looking more at the pictures alone, it just looks like a wall sticker and not a tunnel. :depressed:

Tavernacle12Feb 14, 2019

This feels like a more permanent set-up than I was expecting. I assume this means Ralph and Vanellope will be hanging out here for awhile. It seems explicitly set up for them as opposed to something that could be easily swapped over to someone else.

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 14, 2019

Attractions Magazine has a video featuring the lighting of the tunnel... Now, having seen this area for the M&G..They have stated that more greets will be happening soon there...I'm assuming it's going to be a rotation of characters as it appears that the former Kodak film processing area where the characters are going through the web portal is now a break area for the characters..

Sharon&SusanFeb 14, 2019

Disney implants fake memories into the minds of their guests, at least that’s what Escape From Tomorrow told me and nothing from that movie can be false, right!?

trainplane3Feb 14, 2019

That you for your suggestion! We have forwarded this over to the appropriate group to handle this request. Have a magical day! - Disney customer service

HauntedMansionFLAFeb 14, 2019

Now to wait and see if they do anything besides using it as window dressing

Disney AnalystFeb 14, 2019

Whether it’s a reskinned version or not, it’s definitely a nod to it.

trainplane3Feb 14, 2019

I can't believe this is something that's getting attention. Isn't the frame still sitting upstairs? (Not basing it off the following tweet, but I thought the frame was still upstairs) Maybe if I squint hard enough at the GotG box, I can see Horizons.

Disney AnalystFeb 14, 2019

Discussion on the tunnel here:

Cmdr_CrimsonFeb 14, 2019

No. It was in the Upstairs former Imageworks where it is walled off now.