Last chance to see three of Epcot's character meet and greets

Feb 12, 2016 in "Character Meet and Greets at Epcot"

Posted: Friday February 12, 2016 11:19am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Three of Epcot's Charcter meet and greets will be ending this week.

February 13 2016 will be the final day for Princess Aurora at France, Winnie the Pooh & Friends at the United Kingdom Pavilion, and Chip & Dale outside Character Spot.

Joy and Sadness from Inside Out will soon open, and Character Spot has recently expanded to include BAYMAX from Big Hero 6.

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ZipitidodaJul 03, 2016

Thanks for posting. Good news for my daughter!

brb1006Jul 03, 2016

So much for moving Marie back to the France Pavilion:(

Thumper 32Jul 03, 2016

Considering it is published in the Epcot times guide for this week, yeah, I'm pretty sure. :)

ZipitidodaJul 03, 2016

Well I don't like to be wrong but I'm glad I am. My daughter will be very happy!! Thanks @ssaamm and Kronk

Chef KronkJul 03, 2016

Aurora's been meeting at PFH since mid-June. MDE doesn't list her, but she meets with Cinderella in the Hall. I can guarantee that.

ZipitidodaJul 03, 2016

She hasn't been there in a while that I'm aware of. She also hasn't been listed on MDE anywhere.

wdriveJul 03, 2016

Aurora meets at the Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland.

ZipitidodaJul 03, 2016

Are you sure? We are heading to Disney in a few weeks and my daughters top 3 are no longer doing meet and greets and Aurora is one of them. If your sure, and you have insider info, any word on Mike and Sully?

Chef KronkJul 03, 2016

Starting today?

Thumper 32Jul 03, 2016

As of this week, Aurora is back in France. Stil no word on when/if the others return.

ZipitidodaFeb 12, 2016

I don't understand the uproar. I think it's great! You can see the chipmunks lots of places, same with Pooh and Aurora. They're in shows, parades and character dinings. Unless I'm wrong this is the only place that now has Baymax and Joy and Sadness. So i'm one happy girl!!!! I can't wait to see them this summer.

COProgressFanFeb 10, 2016

Glad to hear they still care!

asianwayFeb 10, 2016

I think they justified Garden Grill because of "line of sight" but it was way too close. They still do clear the Crystal Palace during Christmas week.

RSoxNo1Feb 10, 2016

Must... resist... temptation... to make joke...