Last chance to meet Duffy the Disney Bear at Epcot this weekend

Oct 01, 2015 in "Character Meet and Greets at Epcot"

Posted: Thursday October 1, 2015 8:05am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

This weekend is your last chance to meet and greet with Duffy the Disney Bear.

Launched with much fanfare in October 2010, Duffy arrived as a hugely successful character with strong merchandise sales from Tokyo Disney. A new meet and greet area was built in World Showcase, with a nearby gift shop selling a whole range of Duffy merchandise and accessories.

Disney has now confirmed that Duffy will be leaving Epcot on October 3 2015, with Daisy Duck taking over the location from October 4 2015.

Duffy merchandise will continue to be available at Fun Finds in Disney Springs Marketplace.

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Meeko77Oct 30, 2015

Was thrilled to find ShellieMay at MouseGear this evening!

SandraAnnOct 14, 2015

Sounds like they are relaunching in some way if they are releasing ShellieMay merchandise. Let's hope they get a meet and greet with both of them together, that would be so neat.

Meeko77Oct 12, 2015

I found the ShellieMay book at Mousegear this past Friday night. The book was not with the other books in the store but with the other Duffy items. Looking forward to buying the plush later this fall!

brb1006Oct 12, 2015

Update from The Disneyparks blog: ShellieMay is coming to the other Disney parks (As merchandise) later this fall.

brb1006Oct 09, 2015

Duffy and Shellie are both in Tokyo Disneysea.

brb1006Oct 09, 2015

He meant the Shellie May mercy.

rosewein59Oct 09, 2015

I was referring to the plush. Another website is reporting her debut is October 20th at Epcot for the plush and other merchandise than just the book which is already there. I haven't heard anything about a walkaround character for meet and greets. It would be great for Duffy and ShelleyMae to be together at Disney Springs or wherever as they are at Tokyo.

French QuarterOct 08, 2015

I think they were referring to her plush version.

asianwayOct 08, 2015

WDW does not have her as a walk around

erins3204Oct 08, 2015

I saw the Shellie May book at Mousegear in Epcot last week. I'll be on the hunt for the plush soon!

brb1006Oct 08, 2015

I remember seeing photos of the Shellie May books at various stores in Epcot.

brb1006Oct 08, 2015

Yay more kittens.

MarkTwainOct 08, 2015

Any confirmation to the news that Shellie May is at WDW now, or where they're selling her at? It's odd they'd just start selling her without any fanfare. Looks like a competing Disney site is reporting she's now being sold at Disneyland (not sure if I should post the link).

SweetDuffy101Oct 08, 2015

Gelatoni will be making His debut on January of 2016 as part of the yearlong celebration of Duffy the Disney bear celebrates 10 years love and sweetness.