PHOTOS - New meet and greet area under construction at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jan 06, 2016 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Meet and greet construction near Star Tours
Posted: Wednesday January 6, 2016 10:37am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

What is expected to be a new character meet and greet area is now under construction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Located just across from Star Tours, the new space will use parts of the former American Idol audition rooms, the Radio Studio and the old corporate lounge.

No word yet on what characters will appear in the new location, but expect an opening around Spring 2016.

Work around the Streets of America has recently closed two meet and greets in that area - Phineas & Ferb and Cars.

Disney has not yet made any announcement about this project, so it should be treated as speculation until confirmed.

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J. D.May 07, 2016

I haven't seen anything to suggest new heads, but I don't know for sure one way or the other.

Ryan H. SerowinskiMay 07, 2016

Are Mickey and Minnie's new costume heads going to debut when this opens or we'll just wait a few weeks

RteetzMay 04, 2016

I've heard possible soft opening but not an official opening until the 10th. It still seems up in the air though so that could change.

mikehMay 03, 2016

Can anyone else confirm?

J. D.May 03, 2016

If everything goes according to plan, Olaf will start tomorrow and Mickey/Minnie will start Sunday.

BaconFeb 20, 2016

Yes I heard that disney is looking for starwars rebel Character's to join there parks maybe for meet and greets in Launch Bay Or starwars land

Jon81ukFeb 19, 2016

The film was popular, the villain wasn't. Apparently they are stuck with too much Kylo Ren merchandise too, but all the Rey stuff sold out as someone assumed nobody would want an action figure of a girl.

Next Big ThingFeb 19, 2016

Hmm. I guess I hadn't looked into the waits, I just assumed with him being the new Star Wars villain in one of the highest grossing films ever he would be a big draw.

YodaManFeb 19, 2016

Kylo is far from one of the most popular meet and greets. His lines have consistently been shorter than Vader's were.

Next Big ThingFeb 19, 2016

That building is being bulldozed. And Olaf at DHS is likely just to give people a reason to keep going to DHS. The park will soon have two of the most popular M&G's on property in Kylo and Olaf. I suspect Olaf may make a move to Epcot as the park's transition continues.

WondersOfLifeFeb 19, 2016

Why not keep the Mickey & Minnie meet and greets in the former Captain Jack Sparrow building, with a huge re-theme? It's too small for any decent attraction anyways. Then we could have some MORE characters in the new meet and greet. Olaf would obviously be popular, but why not have him in Norway at EPCOT? I'd like to meet Kermit and Miss Piggie, puppet size! And then maybe Indiana Jones. Those would be some awesome meet and greets right there.

UnpluggedFeb 18, 2016

Olaf's Meet'n'Greet'n'Eat, meet the famous Frozen character at a Snow Cone stand!

ToTBellHopFeb 18, 2016

Just add him to the Disney Junior breakfast.