Celebrate the 75th anniversary of Bambi with a Thumper and Miss Bunny meet and greet at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Aug 21, 2017 in "Character Meet and Greets at Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Monday August 21, 2017 4:26pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Kingdom will be celebrating 75 years of Bambi with a special limited time character meet and greet.

Taking place August 25-27 2017, from 10:20am to 4pm, you can meet Thumper and Miss Bunny outside of Conservation Station at Rafiki's Planet Watch.

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Meeko77Aug 22, 2017

Loved meeting them years ago outside the park. It's a shame this is only being offered for 3 days.

JSchnitzAug 22, 2017

It's cool that they are at least doing this though! I wish they would do this more often to commemorate all the classic movies and characters! It would be a sure fire way to get to see some of these rare characters and maybe with some consistency people could actually start to plan for such occasions!

Captain BarbossaAug 22, 2017

That's so cool!! Wish they'd be there longer though.

Kman101Aug 22, 2017

No reason more characters can't be regulars. Pop ups are nice I suppose but I imagine most guests miss the pop ups.

Kman101Aug 22, 2017

There are a lot of characters who used to be out every day ...

BoltAug 22, 2017

It's beautiful they don't show up on guides sometimes - makes that 'pop up' feeling that much better.

brb1006Aug 22, 2017

Yeah but there was a time when WDW was able to keep some of the lesser known characters out and the newer ones at the same time instead of swapping or replacing them. At least Tokyo,Paris and Disneyland is still able to keep this. WDW has a strange way with some of the meet and greets in recent years.

brb1006Aug 22, 2017

Doesn't help that Thumper isn't listed on the meet and greet schedule for AK even if he does pop up one day. You have to be lucky and have to be at the park at the right time in order to find him and the other characters.

BoltAug 22, 2017

Yeah - but then new characters came to the park that people were more interested in and they got swapped out. I'm glad these characters aren't a full time installation - to me it looks like I'm meeting the Easter Bunny.

PorterRedkeyAug 22, 2017

I guess is a nice thing for AP holder that live close by, but not most guests. They used to meet every day at AK and now we get 3 days. Sorry if I am not impressed.

brb1006Aug 22, 2017

I really love Thumper and Miss Bunny. They are one of the few Disney bunnies that can be found at the parks outside of the White Rabbit since the others are don't come out as often and Thumper is the most notable.

brb1006Aug 22, 2017

Yeah and both were meetable during the final years of Camp Minnie Mickey as early as 2011 or 2012 and hadn't showed up as often since the removal for Pandora. These days you have to be lucky to find Thumper and Miss Bunny at the same time since Thumper comes out the most at random near the entrance to AK. Both are more commonly seen during the Easter pre-parade at MK.

BoltAug 21, 2017

Yeah - why do special pop up things like this, Disney! Take a hint - no more stuff like this, just keep doing business as usual!

DisneyPrincess5Aug 21, 2017

Love to see them get some playing time!