Bodh'aktan return to Epcot's Canada Pavilion for a limited time

Jan 04, 2017 in "Bodh'aktan"

Posted: Wednesday January 4, 2017 10:01am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Bodh'aktan will return for the second part of their limited-time engagement at Epcot's Canada Pavilion.

From the Quebec Province, Bodh'aktan's music combines elements of Celtic, trad-Quebecois, polka, punk, Irish folk, Breton and Maritime.

The group performed for 20 days in October 2016, and return to the Mill Stage today through to January 22 2017, taking over from the Canadian Holiday Voyagers.

Show times are 1:15pm, 2:15pm, 3:30pm 5pm, 6:15pm and 7:30pm, Wednesday to Sunday, and are included with park admission.

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MinthorneJan 17, 2017

Saw them Friday. They were awesome!

wdwmagicJan 17, 2017

Here is our video of a couple of songs from a recent performance.

Kman101Jan 06, 2017

Will be at Epcot next Friday so I have to remember to catch them!

wannabeBelleJan 05, 2017

I would like that as well, although I still love Alberta Bound there. Getting to see both in one trip would be awesome!!! Marie

dreamscometrueJan 05, 2017

You are very welcome. I hope you get to see them sometime. I would welcome 2 or 3 one month engagements each year on The Mill Stage. :-)

*Q*Jan 05, 2017

I'm pretty sure I met a Jem'Hadar by the name of Bodh'aktan once.

wannabeBelleJan 05, 2017

Great job!!!! Both the video and the band!!! They look like a great time and I like the sound. It sort of reminds me of another Irish band, Gaelic Storm. Thank you so much for sharing!!! Marie

dreamscometrueJan 05, 2017

Here are short video clips that I took from 2 shows on Oct 15th at Epcot. I know one song is there twice, but that 2nd clip of 'Heave Away' shows the crowd having a blast. :)

wannabeBelleJan 04, 2017

I had heard they were awesome from several of the girls who are Alberta Bound/ Holiday Voyageurs/ Off Kilter Fans who are local to the area. I wont catch them this time, but I do hope to see them in the future!! Marie

dreamscometrueJan 04, 2017

I saw them twice in October and LOVED them. Being from Atlantic Canada, that's a type of music with with I'm very familiar, but even for the uninitiated, their energy and enthusiasm is awesome!

wannabeBelleJan 04, 2017

YAY!!! Go to EPCOT and support live great music!! Marie

wdwmagicJan 04, 2017

Bodh'aktan return to Epcot's Canada Pavilion for a limited time

evilzoracSep 27, 2016

Just saw a AC DC Highway to Hell cover, I may have to figure a way to catch a show while they are there.

trampdogSep 27, 2016

Cool. I'll be there for both 20 day windows. I will probably video some of it, but I would bet W Dee W EN Tee gets there before me.