Slide replacement underway at Disney's Blizzard Beach and preparation for another project continues

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Posted: Tuesday June 21, 2022 6:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Two cranes are on-site at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park as one slide replacement project begins and another is being prepared.

The family raft ride, Team Boat Springs, is currently being completely rebuilt with replacement slide sections. A large crane is visible working on the refurbishment.

A tower crane is currently sitting in the parking lot in pieces, ready to be installed on the other side of the park.

Its purpose is not yet clear, but the tower crane has an extensive reach and could be used for another slide replacement, or a new addition.

Walt Disney Imagineering recently filed a permit, and assigned to Brilliant fabrication of Orlando, has the vague description of "Install show items."

Brilliant fabrication has worked on numerous projects around Walt Disney World in the past, and offers services including themed construction, scenic arts, sculpting and metalwork.

Adding further support to the possibility of all-new construction is the spotting of height balloons in 2021.

Designers usually deploy balloons to gauge the visual intrusion of a new structure into existing sightlines before giving the green light for a new project.

Blizzard Beach is currently closed, with no reopening date yet announced. Typhoon Lagoon is presently operating as Walt Disney World's only water park.

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Disone3 days ago

True. But as I'm sure you know, many of the piping for the water slides has already been replaced. However, piping for show features like the Miss Tilly no longer work.

UpAllNight3 days ago

Waterslides are fun and all but the best attractions at any waterpark are the wave pool, lazy rivers and fast rivers as found at aquatica and volcano bay. Disney needs one - they’re a people eater and an absolute riot.

peter114353 days ago

Typhoon lagoon is 6 years older

raymusiccity3 days ago

I'm sure we'll hear about other examples, but, Nashville Shores Water Park has been open since 1998, and is going strong!

Disone3 days ago

It's not reopening this summer and most likely not until next year.

Kramerica4 days ago

Really wish blizzard beach would open already, getting Into the summer we love to go to the water parks on the weekend and wish we could go to either.

Tonto4 days ago

Does anyone know how long construction is planned for at BB?

DCBaker4 days ago

Club Cooloholic9 days ago

One of my favorite water parks in terms of themeing so I'm glad they are fixing it up. My guess is there is no rush to have 2 water parks open with all the staffing issues. Lifeguards can be hard to find. Hopefully by next summer both parks can be open at the same time

Disone9 days ago

I didn't mean it so factually. But Blizzard Beach as well Over 20 years old and many water parks never last that long. It's going to need major infrastructure updates in order to last another 25 years. Looks like it may be getting that now.

tomast9 days ago

Why near the end of the life cycle??

Disone13 days ago

Looks to be like they are replacing the aging out water slides with the same. Credit to them for doing major maintenance on a water park rumored to be near the end of its life cycle. Which means clearly they are going to keep this water park. However, just the same, I was kind of hoping for a new attraction or two. Still am so fingers crossed.

danlb_200013 days ago

More pictures of the construction from Bioreconstruct.

danlb_200013 days ago

Looks like it was closed for a good part of 2017 for refurbishment.