Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closing for refurbishment in May 2020

Feb 03, 2020 in "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad"

Posted: Monday February 3, 2020 9:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to be closing for a refurbishment later this year.

The closure begins on May 4 through to May 21, reopening to guests on May 22 2020. The rollercoaster's last major refurbishment was back in 2016.

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RSoxNo1Feb 04, 2020

This was announced over a month ago.

marni1971Feb 03, 2020

I’ll see you there. We can compare it together.

Donaldfan1934Feb 03, 2020

Well, next year isn’t any “next year”, it’s the year of 50th. I’m really hoping they don’t disappoint on the refurb front.

SourcererMark79Feb 03, 2020

I don't believe either are related. Something I am wondering is if there is anything significant about the time it's going down. Low hotel occupancy during this time?

britainFeb 03, 2020

They might be holding out for another IP tie in. "Alrighty Lone Ranger, don't let me down! Give us that big western hit so that BTRR won't be IP-less any longer! Home on the Range didn't do it, but I know Lone Ranger can!"

Walt dFeb 03, 2020

They’re adding one new animated goat on the Mountain!

marni1971Feb 03, 2020

Next year would be 4 years.

steve2wdwFeb 03, 2020

Since it's such a short refurb, I figured it was to prepare for a bigger one to come later this year or early next year. If third lift effects are going to be installed, there might be some advance work, which doesn't take that long, to prepare for those additions. Of course, this is my wishful thinking. For all we know, it might be just a quick mechanical fix.

HauntedPirateFeb 03, 2020

How many years has "next year" been the promised timeline? :hilarious:

marni1971Feb 03, 2020

Anaheim got it. Paris got it. Orlando might still get it. Next year.

DisneyfanmanFeb 03, 2020

Yes, but DL re-tracked most of the ride in that years time. It was a huge undertaking. 3 weeks though isn't enough for any real upgrades. Too bad because the DL finale is really cool.

arich35Feb 03, 2020

We are visiting on May 2nd to MK so we get one last ride.

DisneyExpertFeb 03, 2020

Was this part of the belt-tightening currently happening, or was it downgraded before HKDL and SDL closed? I swear this gets canceled every time we're about to finally get it.

SourcererMark79Feb 03, 2020

That was a retrack also. Not happening here.