Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage closing for refurbishment later this month

Feb 08, 2019 in "Beauty and the Beast -- Live on Stage"

Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios is closing for maintenance later this month.

The closure begins on February 24 through to March 9, with a reopening to guests on March 10 2019.

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Article Posted: Feb 08, 2019 / 4:02pm ET
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FlynnwriterFeb 14, 2019

Exactly! The show is a dud, but it’s the concept that fails most.

seabreezept813Feb 14, 2019

While this needs a change, I think I’d overlook its dated elements if they made it air conditioned indoors!

WondersOfLifeFeb 14, 2019

A show can still be amateur despite the talent of the performers. Another amateur show is Voyage of the Little Mermaid. I'd like to point out, though... That the actors for Nemo and Lion King do tend to be better performers, which doesn't help Mermaid and Beast. Last time I saw Beast, the actress playing Belle did not enunciate anything. Oof it was bad. But the show itself? Yea it could drastically be improved. It is amateur. How do I know this? You can literally compare it to the quality of the Broadway show, or even the new Disney Cruise Line show. The quality of Festival of the Lion King can easily be compared to theatrical elements from the original Broadway show and actually live up to it. It is well executed. Compare Beast to other successful Disney park shows. Disneyland: Aladdin and Frozen. Disney Cruise Line: Heck even Toy Story the Musical is dang good in comparison.

MaryJanePFeb 14, 2019

We like it. It is not Othello and we don't think it should be. We enjoy seated live entertainment of a simple script for a well-known story and we appreciate the effort put forth by the performers. Be careful what you ask for, as it may shutter a show and there is not telling if, when, and what quality the show you are pulling for that would replace it. You want a new show, do it elsewhere in our humble opinion.

Magenta PantherFeb 14, 2019

I agree. The phrase "this is why we can't have nice things" comes to mind. I saw the B&B show about 6 years ago and it was looking mighty shabby then. And the story wasn't well-told IMO. I hope WDW is putting some real money into this refurb. And maybe punching up the script a little...

JohnDFeb 13, 2019

One can say the Up Bird Show is a completely flop without faulting the performers who were given a sub-Standard script.

FlynnwriterFeb 13, 2019

The concept and production of the show is tired, awkward and dated. I said NOTHING about the talented performers. Also, why do so many fans here jump on anyone critical of Disney. Disney only strives to be better when the audience demands quality and world class.

JohnDFeb 13, 2019

Theater of the Stars next to Starring Rolls.

SGTStoneyFeb 13, 2019

That's harsh and completely false. The people performing are trained professionals and work very hard to provide an enjoyable show to all ages that attend. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but neither is any other ride or attraction. I think it's good to offer different levels of entertainment. B&B is a stage show in the classic form.

virk4Feb 13, 2019

I remember seeing this many times before the current theater was built. I recall sitting in the hot sun with my wife and kids....somewhere in the vicinity of the Brown Derby. Does anyone know the exact location of the original outside B&B show?

FlynnwriterFeb 12, 2019

Anything less than a totally new show is a waste of money. This bizzare, amateurish production pales in comparison to any live Disney stage park show.

Kman101Feb 12, 2019

I’m under 50 and I liked it. It could have been shorter and more engaging but it was a very nice effort. But it wouldn’t be a draw on its own IMO. A full stage show is a better replacement. Copying Pixarmonic Orchestra would be better streetmosphere. A live band would be nice in HS actually ...

Kman101Feb 12, 2019

Lol they never change ...

JohnDFeb 11, 2019

Yeah. They need the people eater shows of BATB, TLM, Frozen, Disney Jr. and Indy to help contain crowds. Too bad they don't have a car stunt show that would really absorb a lot of people.