Full cast returns to 'Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage' at Disney's Hollywood Studios

17 days ago in "Beauty and the Beast -- Live on Stage"

Posted: Monday August 1, 2022 8:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

'Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage' is back to the original pre-pandemic version of the show at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Since making its return from the pandemic in August 2021, the show has been presented in a modified format with fewer cast and physical distancing.

This past weekend saw the reintroduction of the entire cast, restoring the show to the original version. Showtimes are currently 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm and 5pm daily.

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RSoxNo114 days ago

Glad to see the full show is back, but in reality this space could use a new show.

Disney Analyst15 days ago

Retro as in… dated and stale? Everyone is entitled to like or dislike something. I find it shocking anyone would support a stage show with BATB’s quality lingering this long.

WondersOfLife16 days ago

BATB is dated in every aspect. Look at what Tokyo(?) And Disney cruise line did with beauty and the beast in comparison. This one is one of Disney's cheapest mainstage shows. The Hunchback show that used to play here would feel less dated today than this. It's time for something new. Festival of the Lion King was designed in a way that will never get dated.

mm5220016 days ago

It doesn’t have a retro feel, it has a dated and tired feel. Same high school theatre backdrops being used since 1991. No one complains about FoLK because it genuinely doesn’t feel it’s age. It’s a far more elaborate production that has been continuously upgraded production wise over the years and still feels brand new.

jrhwdw16 days ago

Like Enchantment????? Look I like Enchantment but I don’t understand why people hate on BATB!!!! it was made in 1991, during the same Era as Spectro no less! It has that Retro feel to it, same with FOTLK, and No One Complains about that 1998 Show!!!!

Disney Analyst16 days ago

Good news. now end the run and give DHS a new show suited for a 2022 audience, paying 2022 admission prices.

DznyGrlSD16 days ago

fantastic news! The 'distanced' version was awful

WondersOfLife16 days ago

Agreed and acknowledged. Glad Disney didn't cheap out on this when they easily could have. A show this old needs every technical aspect it was originally intended to have.

mikejs7817 days ago

This is great. Disney could easily have removed the distancing but keep the reduced cast. Glad to see that they've restored it back to its former number of performers.

TrainsOfDisneyAug 17, 2021

What is really strange is there are options for alternate live entertainment. Put the Main Street philharmonic on the Castle Stage and let a few costume characters dance around them like they do in Disneyland. Same thing with the closed theaters at DHS and DAK... put together a small show with some equity performers and musicians. They could have citizens of Hollywood and / or comedy warehouse at studios and a version of adventurers club at animal kingdom.

mm52200Aug 17, 2021

Ops and higher ups don’t want the breezeway closed all day. MRFF would reopen it between every show and had to get special permission to keep it closed between shows if something happened.

jrhwdwAug 17, 2021

I could be totally wrong here but can't the cast space out in the entire Castle Walkthrough??? MK closes both sides of the Castle for Shows/HEA/OUAT.

mm52200Aug 17, 2021

A year ago when the parks were reopening, modified versions of FoLK, BatB, and Epic were all being prepared to open. Ultimately they didn’t happen at the time due to the equity disputes, and by the time those were settled company priorities had changed(didn’t want to spend the money anymore). So these are happening because they already had the plans, just took over a year to happen. Studios NEEDS their shows for additional capacity. MRFF/the castle stage doesn’t have the room to properly distance backstage for the cast. Nemo at DAK just wasn’t deemed a priority at the time.