PHOTOS - Sign and showtime clock installed at Awesome Planet

Jan 10, 2020 in "Awesome Planet"

Awesome Planet entrance

Signs and a showtime clock are now in place outside the Harvest Theater at the Land Pavilion for the new movie - Awesome Planet.

The 10 minute movie will debut on January 17 2020 at Epcot.

“Awesome Planet,” an on-screen exploration of the realm we call home, showcases the spectacular beauty, diversity and dynamic story of our earth with all the grandeur guests have come to expect. 

With spectacular nature photography, immersive in-theater effects, and space sequences created by none other than Industrial Light & Magic (which provided the cinematic foundation for the Star Wars franchise), “Awesome Planet” will stir Epcot guests and deliver an environmental message that will resonate far beyond its final scenes.

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Article Posted: Jan 10, 2020 / 2:15pm ET