Na'vi River Journey remains closed for a third day

Apr 27, 2018 in "Pandora - The World of Avatar"

Posted: Friday April 27, 2018 9:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Na'vi River Journey remains closed today, its third day of technical problems.

Both Flight of Passage and River Journey have been experiencing closures over the last couple of days, although yesterday saw Flight of Passage return to normal operations.

Disney has not provided any details on what the problems are, but in the past, the attractions have faced downtime due to power and fire detection system issues. Both rides are located in the same physical building, so any technical issues can impact both attractions.

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jakemanMay 02, 2018

To also be fair, there is a pretty good chance @ford91exploder knew nothing of that and was just shooting his mouth off, as he does. Just because a broken clock is right twice a day doesn't mean it still doesn't need to be tossed out.

tribbleorlflMay 02, 2018

To be fair to @ford91exploder , Disney absolutely did purge many experienced, long-tenured (ie, expensive) maintenance techs during the downturn in 07-08. They were strongly "encouraged" to take early retirement, and when not enough took them up on their offer, layoffs with severance packages were handed out. It's how my dad, a nearly 20-year WDW maintenance veteran ended up opening Forbidden Journey at Universal. I'm not saying WDW maintenance staffing is still the same size a decade later or it's worse off since these layoffs, but it is very difficult to replace that kind of institutional knowledge.

GhostHost1000May 02, 2018

must.hold.back.from.replying :D

trainplane3May 02, 2018

I fully admit to that. Probably one of the reasons why I still haven't been on 7DMT. I don't want to waste a FP on it but I don't want to wait 90 minutes for it. It'll probably be one of the reasons why I won't be riding Slinky or A.S.S. anytime soon.

RobbinsDadMay 02, 2018

Arrrrrgh, this compensation argument be stupid matey. Apparently, you have to fall on either side of "Pandora is broken so give me all the money", or "get a job and quit asking for Disney welfare." Two words: happy medium.

xdan0920May 02, 2018

update. This post was borderline illegible. Just random words thrown together. update. Update doesn't mean what you think it means. update. Banana fan wall car.

ravenMay 02, 2018

The current FP+ System is destroying Disney wait times, guest daily plans and, in broad prospective, dreams of kids wanting to enjoy the parks. While it’s certainly fun to plan your vacation months away from your visit, the ease of visiting a WDW park like visiting any other theme park around the world is one of Disney’s major drawbacks. More than often people will not visit an attraction on their WDW vacation unless they have a FP for it.

RteetzMay 02, 2018

Unless there is a delay with the ride there isn't much of a wait with FP.

BocabearMay 02, 2018

God I hope they improved it...after all the hype about the glowing pathways that would respond to your steps....and to realize it is just splattered glow paint and black lights... kind of a letdown....Now if Disney did not over-hype and oversell what they are doing, perhaps people wuld find it more intriguing?

rmwebsMay 02, 2018

Out of interest, what sort of wait times are there on the fastpass lines? Given they'e maxing out fastpass capacity I imagine there's a bit of a wait even on that line right?

sedatiMay 02, 2018

Has anyone seen the improved glowing pathway? Was this just a test in one spot or is it an ongoing process? Would love to see some comparison pics or general impressions.

AEfxMay 02, 2018

That's the difference between good customer service and "customary" customer service. Good customer service doesn't depend on who, if anyone, is to blame, it focuses on making it right for the customer.

USofA scottMay 02, 2018

update. EMH is at Toy Story every morning starting June 30th. update. I want to park hop if a ride is down, so I buy parkhoppers. I don't buy parkhoppers, i do not expect to get Parkhopper for free. update. People just want something for them so they feel special. They do not want to plan but they want the benefits of short lines. They do not want to miss out on something, therefore, since they are special they deserve better.

RSoxNo1May 02, 2018

UPDATE: Both attractions are underbuilt.