Annual Pass Previews of Pandora - The World of Avatar begin May 13

Mar 24, 2017 in "Pandora - The World of Avatar"

Posted: Friday March 24, 2017 10:22am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is emailing Annual Passholders with invitations to special previews of Pandora - The World of Avatar.

The previews begin on May 13 2017, and continue for several days beyond. Passholders can pre-register by making an online reservation for one 2 hour in-park preview time slot. 

Keep an eye on your email box for the invitation.

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JimWMay 26, 2017

Yep, that's the exact pathway you're thinking of. I'd be interested to see how many guests try to use that entrance, since it's further from the gate from the other entrance.

LAKid53May 26, 2017

Was that pathway to the right of FoP near the bathrooms? I noticed several CMs standing there as though they were guarding the area. That would make sense to have an additional entrance/exit for safety purposes. Otherwise Disney would have to restrict entry during peak times to not run afoul of fire codes, since Pandora is a small, somewhat contained area compared to other parts of AK.

JimWMay 26, 2017

Honestly, I think 3-4 hours is on the conservative side. While I wasn't there, I saw multiple images of signs touting a 300 minute wait for Frozen Ever After on opening day. While part of me can't believe that I'm typing this, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if we saw 6 hour waits for FoP on opening day, or within the first few weeks. The only caveat to that is if Disney does restrict entry into the land... but I don't see them doing that. Regarding the single entry/exit point, there is a path that leads to Africa. It was restricted from inside during my preview window by three oh-so-excited cast members, which I'd assume was for logistical reasons. For the public opening, I'd imagine that they'll have both entrances open, as the entrance used for the preview would easily cause congestion not only towards the entrance to Pandora, but also to the pathways leading into the park.

LAKid53May 25, 2017

Big holiday weekend - typically the start of summer season - and an incredible new land with two amazing rides that those of us who were fortunate enough to attend a preview have been gushing about? I don't think standby times of 3-4 hours, especially for FoP, will be too far off the mark. Given, though, that Pandora is a contained area with only one entry (at least that's how it looked at my preview), I wonder if Disney will have to do what Uni did for Hogsmeade the first few months it was open and limit entry, giving visitors a ticket with a return time during high capacity times, like a three day holiday weekend.

gorillaballMay 25, 2017

Anybody is purely guessing really. I think it will get up to whatever tolerance level someone is willing to wait. Frozen posted 4 hour waits, I doubt it was really that long and that was a little bit of suggestion to people to not stand in line, but that's what was posted. Would not be surprised to see FoP get towards 4 hours. Also heavily influenced by any disruption to the ride. If the ride goes down for an hour - that's an hour's worth of Fastpasses you are going to have to catch up before even addressing the stand by line. That's my guess. It's been so long since an E-ticket and an entire land has gone live that there isn't really a comparison to use as a guide.

LAKid53May 25, 2017

I agree about the springs rolls. My first thought was, "cream cheese and pineapple chunks wrapped in an egg roll wrapper and fried..okay". They were surprisingly delicious. Yeah, the bowls were awesome. Just walking into the Canteen to order and passing guests eating theirs made my mouth water - the smell was intoxicating. I love that you get your choice of protein, the base it's on and sauce, that you can mix anyway you want. I got the kid's size steak bowl over rice and grains, since those spring rolls were quite filling. Still delicious. Must say Animal Kingdom now has some of the best counter service places in the parks, with Flame Tree, Yak & Yeti Local and now Satu'li.

flyerjabMay 25, 2017

The pineapple spring rolls from Pongu Pongu are delicious! The are heated and the mix of cream cheese with pineapple is ridiculously good. In Satu'li Canteen, I had the chicken bowl with rice and the creamy herb dressing. This was also very good and came in a real bowl with silverware. I had the Na'vi cheesecake which was weird looking (I assume that was the point) but was very sweet. I ended up liking it way more than I thought that I would. The other people that I was with seemed to like the chocolate dessert better.

disney4life2008May 25, 2017

What is the anticipated wait time once opened to the public for the river ride and fop?

Cesar R MMay 25, 2017

thank you!

Kman101May 24, 2017

I found the straws to be large enough that they made it through, I figured that was the point of the large straws? Have they gone to smaller straws? They were larger than the usual AK paper ones. The bowl of beef was pretty tasty, and there was a pretty big portion of it. I'd probably go with the chicken next time. The cheeseburger pods seemed light on the cheese part but had a tasty flavor. I'm not 100% on them but they're decent. The melon flavored drink they sell inside Canteen was good as was the Night Blossom from Pangu (Pongu?) ... the red frozen margarita looked tasty but I passed on that this time.

LAKid53May 24, 2017

The various protein (beef, chicken, fish and tofu) bowls were very good. For disclosure, I had the grilled steak, but bowls with the chicken I observed both looked and smelled good. The non alcoholic beverage (Night Blossom) was fantastic, although the little juice balls get stuck in the straw. I was hesitant about the "spring" roll made with cream cheese and pineapple, but it was actually quite tasty. Didn't have any of the desserts, but reviews I've read rave about the cheesecake. The cafe setup is nice, with plenty of room both inside and outdoors. All in all, the food is very good.

Cesar R MMay 24, 2017

Those designs looks very similar to Toruk's (Cirque Du Soleil). I wonder if they rehused the creature print. speaking of Pandora.. any recommendations of food?

LAKid53May 24, 2017

I noticed the grey unisex t-shirt on the online store, but not the blue women's version. It's a rather generic t-shirt....

MisterPenguinMay 24, 2017

Just like the Lido deck cafeteria on cruise ships!