VFX Voice takes an in-depth look at the creation of Avatar Flight of Passage

Jun 27, 2018 in "Avatar Flight of Passage"

Avatar Flight of Passage tour
Posted: Wednesday June 27, 2018 1:15pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

VFXV, the magazine of the Visual Effects Society, has published an in-depth look at the creation of Avatar Flight of Passage, the headliner attraction at Pandora - The World of Avatar.

Flight of Passage, which won the 2018 VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project, continues to be one of Walt Disney's World most popular attractions since its May 2017 opening at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

It features cutting-edge 3D digital imagery delivered at 10k resolution and 60fps that pushes the boundaries of realism from a projected experience.

The article by Chris McGowan talks to Imagineering's Joe Rohde, and other key team members from Lightstorm Entertainment and Weta Digital.

Head to VFXV to read the full article.

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Cmdr_CrimsonJul 01, 2018

Good closeup of the AA also showing the bubbles on it sitting in the tank...

EPCOTServo21Jul 01, 2018

The Avatar in the tank is absolutely NOT a digital animation.

kap91Jun 28, 2018

post production - I work on tv shows and movies after they’ve been shot and help make the whole process work.

kap91Jun 28, 2018

It wouldn’t be the first time an article about theme parks got something drastically wrong but then again it being a screen would explain a lot of the questions about the mechanics. Now I’m more baffled then ever.

David04RuizJun 28, 2018

I feel as if thats a misprint or something because how can that thing be a digital animation???!

winstongatorJun 28, 2018

“Avatar: Flight of Passage” begins in the queue as guests get a peek inside a high-tech research lab to view an avatar still in its growth state inside an amnio tank. The room features charts and screens that show how humans will “connect” with a fully developed avatar for their upcoming flight on a banshee. The Na’vi avatar floating in the tank is digital animation. (Photo: Kent Phillips) I was fooled too! That’s almost unbelievable

winstongatorJun 28, 2018

What’s post?

kap91Jun 28, 2018

I’m surprised the article says the avatar in the queue is a “digital animation”. If that’s a screen it’s the only time I’ve ever been fooled and damn it’s good. Also, as a person that works in post, my brain is hurting at the idea of a 10k stereo 60 FPS project.