Astro Orbiter refurbishment extended

Aug 15, 2019 in "Astro Orbiter"

Posted: Thursday August 15, 2019 3:23pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The currently closed Astro Orbiter will be facing a lengthier refurbishment than originally planned.

Astro Orbiter closed with short notice in mid-July, and was originally expected to reopen again today. The ride is now expected to be closed through to at least September 19, with a planned reopening on September 20 2019.

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WDWTankOct 03, 2019

Why? That’s bad show. And Astro Orbiter has been taken down and rebuilt often lately, so why?

BocabearSep 30, 2019

You are correct... Prior to that it was just the spinner. The Planets really ad a lot....Wonder how they are going to look painted white with orange and pink

GymLeaderPhilSep 28, 2019

Work that takes place in a contained space over a certain height requires much more built in fall protection than was originally required in the nineties. This is why we saw railings installed all over buildings in the last five years.

Surfin' TunaSep 28, 2019

Am I getting so old as to forget things? I thought the planets were added as part of the 1994 re-do.

DisAlSep 28, 2019

People tend to forget that a lot of the equipment in the MK is OLD. I believe this ride is approaching 50 years old. Even with good routine maintenance at some point there is likely to be a major component that is showing signs age or wear such as metal fatigue (pure speculation on my part) that would require a major rebuild of a ride.

yensidtlaw1969Sep 28, 2019

Is there a great reason for this, or is it just that it seems to be some sort of maintenance nightmare?

peter11435Sep 28, 2019

No, and likely never will again

Fairy32Sep 28, 2019

I saw them running Sunday during the party.

WDWTankSep 28, 2019

Are the planets spinning again?

IanDLBZFSep 23, 2019

And remains as such today.

ChrisFLSep 22, 2019


RSoxNo1Sep 22, 2019

Listed as "Closed for Refurbishment" on the app today.

matt9112Sep 22, 2019

Tell us the story than? Well???

matt9112Sep 22, 2019

You see the line for this? Its the nest spinner out of all the parks if that matters.