PHOTOS and VIDEO - New walkway opens in Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom

May 16, 2015 in "Asia"

New Asia walkway
Posted: Saturday May 16, 2015 9:30am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new walkway opened this morning at Disney's Animal Kingdom, providing a new shortcut in the Asia section of the park.

The new shortcut provides a link between the area around Kali River Rapids and the walkway to Expedition Everest, making use of space around the Gibbon Exhibit.

The new link should reduce foot traffic in the main walkway around Asia that passes in front of Yak and Yeti. The walkway should be particular useful when Rivers of Light opens next year, with many more guests expected to be using the paths around the water in Asia.

The video below is a walkthrough, starting on the Expedition Everest side of the walkway, heading towards Kali River Rapids. Also check out the gallery for more photos.

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halltdMay 18, 2015

The quality of your video, though! So awesome! Thanks as always for your stunning updates!

dreamscometrueMay 17, 2015

Great! That will be a nice addition. Thanks for the clarification. :-)

englanddgMay 16, 2015

That sounds awesome.

Rob562May 16, 2015

The new Marketplace will essentially be a new path down the back of the Tamu Tamu building, stretching from near the drums to your right as you enter from Discovery Island back to the train station. So when it opens you'll be able to circle completely around the TamuTamu/restroom/gift shop building. -Rob

bigeternityMay 16, 2015


dreamscometrueMay 16, 2015

Isn't there going to be another new path soon, from the new Harambe Marketplace to,,,somewhere? I believe there will be a path to/from the marketplace relatively close to Tamu Tamu, but is there not supposed to be another path leading in/out as well? If so, where will this be?

Fox&HoundMay 16, 2015

How have I missed these monkeys every time I go? Oh AK and your mysterious little "hidden" gems. Seriously- what do I know about this park????

mm121May 16, 2015

seems a bit claustrophobic with it being fully fenced on both sides

mm121May 16, 2015

wow that construction for the show looks crazy big lots of cleared trees :( anyone know what there building there exactly is that the seating area or the stage are is it going to have a big seating area like fantasmic? or more like the one in california for world of color?

betty roseMay 16, 2015


englanddgMay 16, 2015

Pretty sure it's here.

betty roseMay 16, 2015

More walking space...great!:happy:

Clamman73May 16, 2015

I believe it's this...

djkidkazMay 16, 2015

Yeah they should slap some dark paint on it and after a few weeks of fading it will fit in perfect.