Everything you need to know about Animal Kingdom's new nighttime experiences

Apr 28, 2016 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Thursday April 28, 2016 11:18am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

When do the new nighttime adventures begin at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

 The park’s new nighttime line-up will begin on May 27 2016.

What are the new park hours?

Disney's Animal Kingdom will be open until 11pm during its first month of extended hours. The park typically closed at 7pm during previous years in May.

Will there be Evening Extra Magic Hours?

No. The extended hours are during regular park hours and are available to all guests. Extra Magic Hours at Disney's Animal Kingdom remain int he mornings only.

What are the new Animal Kingdom nighttime experiences?

The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic

Discovery River becomes the stage for music and pageantry in a limited-engagement show inspired by Disney’s hit live-action film The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic is a live show filled with music and special effects that celebrates the new film and the classic songs, now infused with an Indian influence.

The show will make use of elements of Rivers of Light, which will open later in the year.

Tree of Life awakenings

The theme park’s iconic Tree of Life will undergo “awakenings” throughout the evening as the animal spirits are brought to life by magical fireflies that reveal colorful stories. High-tech projections of nature scenes take on a magical quality as they appear to dramatically emanate from within the Tree of Life.

Kilimanjaro Night Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris daytime experience is artfully bathed in the glow of sunset with special lighting allowing guests to explore this attraction well into the night. During the expedition, guests can now encounter the nighttime behavior of the wildlife and better tune in to the unique vocalization of the animals. Plus, there are two new species to discover: African wild dogs and hyenas.


Open for both lunch and dinner, this new signature dining experience will celebrate the art of traveling and include waterfront views from both indoor and outdoor seating areas. “Tiffin” is an Indian English word meaning midday meal or type of container used to carry food while traveling.

Learn more about the Tiffins menu.

Harambe Wildlife Parti

The Village of Harambe will become a hot spot with the new Harambe Wildlife Parti. Guests can dance alongside a variety of entertainers and local street musicians, and enjoy the lively rhythms of African music. Guests can also partake in exotic foods and libations, and explore the diverse wares of village artisans and merchants in the vibrant marketplace.

Discovery Island Carnivale

The spirited community of Discovery Island has come together to celebrate their love of the natural world with the Discovery Island Carnivale. This nightly experience will captivate guests with lively music, jubilant dance, vibrant costumes, stilt walkers and tasty culinary creations — winding from one end of the island to the other.

What happened to Rivers of Light?

Disney announced on April 5 that Rivers of Light would not open for its planned April 22 debut. No official explanation was given for the delay, but speculation indicates the show is facing a number of technical challenges.

To give the team more time to complete the show, Disney announced on April 19 that an interim show for the summer would open using the Rivers of Light staging. 'The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic' is expected to perform daily until Rivers of Light is ready.

Which attractions will be open during the extended park hours?

  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Expedition Everest
  • Dinosaur
  • Kali River Rapids
  • It’s Tough to Be a Bug
  • Primeval Whirl
  • Triceratops Spin
  • The Boneyard
  • Festival of the Lion King will add an extra show at 8pm
  • Finding Nemo - The Musical will have a later show at 7pm

Which attractions will not be open during the extended park hours?

  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch
  • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek

What dining options will be available late?

  • Flame Tree Barbecue 10pm
  • Creature Comforts 11pm
  • Dawa bar 11pm
  • Discovery Island kiosks 10pm
  • Harambe Market 8pm
  • Pizzafari 10pm
  • Rainforest Cafe 8pm
  • Restaurantosaurus 11pm
  • Tamu Tamu 10pm
  • Tiffins
  • Thirsty River Bar and Snacks 11pm
  • Trilo-Bites 10:30pm
  • Tusker House 9:30pm
  • Yak and Yeti Local Foods 10pm
  • Yak and Yeti 11pm

When do reservations open for Tiffins restaurant?

Disney has said that reservation information will be available on May 20 2016.

When do FastPass+ reservations open for ‘The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic’?

Information will be released on May 20 2016.

Is there any additional cost for the new nighttime experiences?

The extended park hours and the new entertainment are included with regular park admission, and do not require a special ticket.

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EvilQueen-TMay 22, 2016

Any idea if the tree of life being lit up is it all the way around the tree or just up front like the castle projection show?

TheMouseFanMay 21, 2016

I have a 9:30 -10:30pm for Safari, I just can't get later than 7:30 for EE.

PaulaTMay 21, 2016

I was able to get 8:45-9-45pm for safari week of July 10 this morning

TheMouseFanMay 21, 2016

I've been wondering the same thing. I have one for 7:30-8:30 and have been trying to move it to 8:30-9:30 so it will be dark when we ride! I'm wondering if they aren't going to run it during the shows!?!

PaulaTMay 20, 2016

Hours at AK are updated and open until 11pm, but no fastpasses available past 4ish pm? Anyone know why?

mnelson3May 20, 2016

Any idea why there seems to be no FPs available later than 7:30pm ish for Everst? Unless they got snatched up already? Or not released yet?

PinnySmartApr 30, 2016

Never assume anything.

prfctlyximprctApr 30, 2016

Any guess of what animal kingdoms fall hours might be?? Most parks are listed closing at 8 or 9... Could I assume the same?

JustInTimeApr 30, 2016

They used to offer evening EMH so I don't see why not!

MisterPenguinApr 28, 2016

Everyone forgets about poor Nomad Lounge.

skyphotographerApr 28, 2016

This is very good news! I'm looking forward to seeing DAK at night.

wdwmagicApr 28, 2016

Updated with the live shows info.

wdwmagicApr 28, 2016

Updated - it's open. Thanks.

ZipitidodaApr 28, 2016

I'm hoping the same. I can't imagine that they would close earlier in the summer months than in May.