New Animal Planet documentary explores Animal Kingdom's latest additions

Jun 27, 2017 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

A new one-hour documentary-style show set to premiere Tuesday June 27 on Animal Planet will give you a new look at Disney's Animal Kingdom and all of its latest additions.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Alive with Magic will feature interviews with the creators and caretakers of this theme park who share conservation messages, reveal immersive encounters with wildlife, as well as peek into the natural habitats of the animals who call Disney’s Animal Kingdom home. The TV special also showcases the can’t-miss attractions and entertainment at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as it transforms from a day-into-nighttime park.

There’s also exclusive footage of the new Pandora – The World of Avatar, including interviews with iconic filmmaker James Cameron whose vision of flying on a banshee and sailing through a bioluminescent rainforest becomes a reality.

The show will air Tuesday, June 27 at 8pm ET on Animal Planet. 

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Article Posted: Jun 27, 2017 / 8:00am EDT
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DfromATXJun 30, 2017

I agree. It was definitely a big commercial, but I didn't mind. In fact, I wish they'd do one for each park.

HauntedPirateJun 29, 2017

Well, I do share the same birthday as Mickey... ;) But actually, it was neither.

EagleScout610Jun 29, 2017

Please, don't let that be true......

larryzJun 28, 2017

What good is a "news and rumors" forum without any rumors?

DfromATXJun 28, 2017

See, that's how rumors get started... :p

larryzJun 28, 2017

Dinosaur closing and removal confirmed, then! ;)

Cmdr_CrimsonJun 28, 2017

It's a shame that Travel channel hasn't made any new documentaries for the parks as well lately..Whenever they decide to rerun one and show the BAH in the studios I cringe and see how outdated it is...

PorterRedkeyJun 28, 2017

Since EPCOT center is dead, AK is the only park that has substance.

SorcererMCJun 28, 2017

I also think they explained the story and overall message behind Rivers of Light and Pandora better for those who aren't familiar or won't get it....that there's more to AK and Pandora than 'cool ride, bro'. I'd add too that there is truth in advertising about AK being different and more beautiful at night. I'm selfishly annoyed that it's going to be more crowded now.

HMFJun 28, 2017

I honestly wish there were more specials like these that have actual substance versus the usual celebrity-loaded crap they usually put out.

PorterRedkeyJun 28, 2017

To back up my point of these specials being time capsules - here's a video of the AK opening special.

PorterRedkeyJun 28, 2017

I love these specials! And to have a whole special featuring my favorite park at WDW is icing on the cake. I thought this one was really well done. Still a big commercial, but a well done one. These specials make great time capsules. I love looking back at old park opening specials or anniversary specials. You can see how thing how changed - shows, rides, building designs, character designs etc... I hope they do more of these when SWL and MK's 50th comes around.

Andrew CJun 28, 2017

Well, they did talk a lot about the Disney Conservation Fund. I think that is a good thing.

Clowd NyneJun 28, 2017

Thanks! That time line gives quite a bit of wiggle room for there to be babies in the spring