PHOTOS - Disney's Animal Kingdom celebrates two recent animal births

Mar 25, 2020 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Porcupine and Zebra Foal born at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Posted: Wednesday March 25, 2020 3:01pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Despite being closed to guests, it is business (almost) as usual for the animal care teams at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and the park is celebrating the births of a baby prehensile-tailed porcupine and a zebra foal.

Born February 25 2020, the baby porcupine known as a porcupette, is covered in a fine red fur coat with tiny quills underneath that begin to harden in the hours after birth. Disney has not yet named the baby, which is part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP) program overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to ensure responsible breeding of threatened and endangered species.

Following up on March 21 2020, a new female Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal joined the herd. The 65-pound zebra was born to mom Heidi and was up and moving just a few minutes following her birth.

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Walt dApr 21, 2020

I like it!

DoleWhipDreaApr 05, 2020

So cute! 😍

TinkwingsMar 26, 2020

Who knew we had a porcupine emoticon?!?!? Sure I have never seen a baby one.....they look a little less prickly....;) Guess those CM's are well employed....:)

TinkwingsMar 25, 2020

🙂Good to know they are being taken care of.....very cute!!! 👍

jeanericuser001Mar 25, 2020

That baby porcupette would make an adorable plush toy. Disney take note.

Walt dMar 25, 2020

Good news for the species, at ak..

NunuMar 25, 2020

Also, a baby porcupine. :)

Captain BarbossaMar 25, 2020

Captain BarbossaMar 25, 2020

A much needed piece of good news amongst all of the chaos in the world. DPB blog says that this is the 3rd zebra foal to be born at AK this year, but I believe that it’s actually the 2nd. It’s also the 2nd Hartmann’s Zebra (1st female) to ever be born at AK. (The 1st was born back in January) Anyways, the little lady, who has yet to be named, and her mother, Heidi, seem to be doing great! Another historic birth for AK!

larryzJan 30, 2020

I'd like to propose naming both ends of the new addition... They could name the front end "Stripey"... ...and the back end "Bob."

Phil12Jan 29, 2020

They're just a lot of donkeys in football jerseys.