VIDEO - Caring for the animals at Disney's Animal Kingdom during coronavirus park closure

Mar 24, 2020 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Posted: Tuesday March 24, 2020 9:29am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Animal Care team is continuing to provide care for thousands of animals at Walt Disney World during the temporary park closures due to coronavirus.

In this video, Dr. Mark Penning, Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team gives a look behind-the-scenes.

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helenabear3 minutes ago

I have to say I loathe "twitter articles" Seriously. I am not a fan of what this guy is saying. We have the original 44k+ that they are following and totally ignoring on going trials specifically for boosters. I really think people speculating when we are working on data is weird to me. Honestly his 'article' was not really helpful or much of anything.

Polkadotdress5 minutes ago


havoc31515 minutes ago

GoofGoof22 minutes ago

Disney has enough Fantasylands to worry about.…no need to add another ;););)

DisneyFan3224 minutes ago

Now soon before the school year begins, the kids will be forced to get vaccinated in NYC as NJ too as they will order go back to school if they are been fully vaccinated by fall.

GoofGoof27 minutes ago

Unvaccinated people are required to wear masks indoors, fully vaccinated people are not. Nobody is required to wear a mask outdoors. Everyone still has to wear masks on all Disney transportation. Disney‘s policy is they will not enforce mask rules anymore or check vaccination status of anyone so while it’s technically required for unvaccinated people while indoors nothing happens if you don’t follow the rule. They are basically following the CDC guidelines using the honor system. The only place the rules are being actively enforced is on transportation.

helenabear46 minutes ago

I should clarify here too... we have special elections next week here so some are being uber careful. Especially my church after that one guest preacher really got in trouble for breaking rules that could've lost the church their status. Since then our church is specifically incredibly careful. A big church like Hillsong may be far more over cautious to not cross a line because they are so global. That was where my brain was going.

helenabear51 minutes ago

I live in the suburbs of the largest city in my state. Inside my limits, you saw no one. Going to places like the Columbus zoo you saw 99% in the beginning. At the end before it was removed you saw more. As I said there were some stores that actually tried to pull "no masks" and kept doors open when they were supposed to be close, but those were rare. Go just outside of that and it was a free for all and not enforced at all. A friend of mine caught covid and died - likely picking it up at work. Spouse (also friend) fortunately had a mild case. It sucked near where I live. And our vaccination rates are low in some of the same spots. I doubt it, as it was bad here though weirdly our cases aren't skyrocketing yet. In one county the largest population of those sick were the 20-29 year old having nearly 30% of all cases. I just wonder if enough people were sick previously to help this time around. Masks do offer the wearer protection as well. Though yes, vaccinated here and made sure all were. Trying my best to get more.

DisneyFan3259 minutes ago

This is going to be doom and groom by fall and winter as possible.

Touchdown1 hour ago

I don’t roll my eyes or ridicule. Besides I have no idea if you are vaxxed or not in public. I believe the eye rolls and second glances are because people think you aren’t vaxxed but scared of Covid. However I feel ridiculous wearing one in public currently, if I’m required to I do, but I take it off as soon as I’m not.

ohioguy1 hour ago

We need to get the vaccine into the arms of more people or we're going to have a mutation of the virus (again). We have to reach herd immunity or risk seasonal breakouts continuing forever with deeper and darker strains. While I doubt government will impose a mandate, we are already seeing employers, travel destinations, and restaurants requiring proof of vaccination. All the better in my view -- if you want to enjoy normal life, then you need to get with the program. Spare me any talk about one's "freedom"; let's talk about RESPONSIBILITY.

Polkadotdress1 hour ago

Several weeks ago, I shared that I was tired of the rolled eyes and odd looks I get from still wearing a mask as a vaxx'd but immunocompromised person. And many of you all said "Ohhhh! Who would even do that?" It's people like you.

Lilofan1 hour ago

I don't share your doom and gloom.

DisneyFan321 hour ago

@GoofGoof if vaccines does stop working less than 6 months, we're screwed. Those people will start seeing infections, as another massive wave is coming this fall/winter, as we are going to face another BIG fight between pandemic and unvaccinated people as madness like a toilet paper, a national mask mandate returns in US in fall/winter, return of masks and social distancing, the panic continues for years and years and years, also the people will have to wear mask for rest of the lives until they'll die into the death. No one COULD not defeat the pandemic for rest of the lives. EVER! Vaccines are useless not even upcoming booster vaccines can stop future variants. Federal mandate will ever end masks for trains, buses and planes for many many many many years to come. Now this is the end of the world for EVERYONE, soon this IS THE END, EVERYONE!