Disney digs up a time capsule buried by cast members at Disney's Animal Kingdom 25 years ago

Apr 24, 2023 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom"

Disney's Animal Kingdom 25th anniversary
Posted: Monday April 24, 2023 1:17pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

As part of the 25th-anniversary celebration at Disney's Animal Kingdom, a 25-year-old time capsule was dug up and opened.

The time capsule was full of opening day memories, including floppy disks of photos, VHS video tapes of new cast member orientation sessions, a collection of day one merchandise, park maps, paper tickets, a shirt signed by cast members, and more.

Watch the video below for a look inside.

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No NameApr 27, 2023

I choose to pretend that comment and this one are a joke. I refuse to succumb to this level of cringe! I don’t think the video made clear the fact that the people who buried it intended for it to be dug up 25 years later, so while that’s still a fine decision to question, it was decided 25 years ago!

Cmdr_CrimsonApr 27, 2023

I don't even think they did one for IOA as it's 25th anniversary is next year..

Vinnie MacApr 26, 2023

It's pretty cool reading this cause im sure 2023 seemed like such a far off year back then and now here we are with a changed world and evolved technology reading reading this letter. Would love if Epic Universe had a time capsule set for like 2055 or something

BlakeW39Apr 26, 2023

Well I think that's partly just because the park is no longer a "new" anything.

Cmdr_CrimsonApr 26, 2023

Sadly, they don't seem to like using that "New Spiecies of Theme Park" anymore...Notice NAHTAHZU is no where mentioned...

BlakeW39Apr 26, 2023

Congratulations to Disney's Animal Kingdom! A wonderful park that has been my personal favorite from the very first time I visited.

wdwmagicApr 26, 2023

Here is the letter that was inside the time capusle

bmr1591Apr 25, 2023

Hollywood Studios does a good job of putting characters out just hanging. Edna Mode, Chip and Dale, and Donald and Daisy all will walk around the park, have a picnic, hang out in front of the theater...

Centauri Space StationApr 25, 2023

They tried that with Mando and Grogu, they were met with mobs of people

UNCgolfApr 25, 2023

I think this is a the chicken or the egg thing. Did they make the change because people want specific times/places, or do people want that because it's now what they're used to? I don't think people really had a problem at WDW when characters were more free roaming (and as I said, they still do this at EPCOT sometimes, even with headliners like Mickey). Once it became a standard offering, though (likely due to FP+ rather than any other factors), people became accustomed to it and there could be a pushback if it was eliminated.

TrainsOfDisneyApr 25, 2023

It’s the same at Disneyland. There are specific areas you can see specific characters and those characters are pretty much always out and they always have a line. In addition to that - many more less popular characters roam the park freely. It’s very rare that you walk into DL or DCA and you don’t see Mickey and others out greeting guests.

doctornickApr 25, 2023

It’s different crowds and demand though. Many guests that come to WDW want to have specific places and times to meet specific characters. This demand requires longer meeting hours and results in lines and given the climate in Florida having them indoors just works better. DL with more of their guests being regulars doesn’t have the same type of demand so those roaming M&Gs aren’t the mob scenes they would be at WDW.

BlakeW39Apr 25, 2023

Sorry 🤷🏽‍♂️ but I mean it isn't. Wish it was but I'd bet all my assets it won't.

Elijah AbramsApr 25, 2023

Way to be a buzzkill, man! 5 users here liked my previous comment on this thread.